Sunday, May 31, 2009

Building my XF Empire

**heavy X-FilesGASM ahead**
*empire = collection*
So Want this...
  • The X-Files: The Complete Collector's Edition

look how puuuurtifull, the extras are really top-notch *dies*
Also, check this guys YT profile for other reviews nice channel too

Wish list...
  • The Complete X-Phile Edition DVD
  • X-Files: I Want To Believe Blu Ray
  • X-Files: Fight the Future DVD
  • X-Files: Fight the Future Blu Ray
  • X-Files FTF & IWTB 2-disc Blu Ray
  • X - Files: Revelations DVD

I'm a late-newbie phile and just starting on my X-Files empire lol
  • Still have some missing comics (90s)
  • Completed the new comics
  • Completed collecting the books - the republished ones - still want the 90's version
  • Bought the 1st version of the complete X-Files book - waiting for the second release
  • Bought the X-Files: I Want to Believe Book
Willing to buy X Files stuff - to those who plan on selling...
  • 90's comics
  • Trading Cards
  • X-Files official Mags
  • Authentic Posters
  • 90's released books
  • X-Files:Fight the Future book
  • X-Files Toys (not the Ken & Barbie lol)
told you I'm building an X-Files empire hahah lol
can it be 90's again? so wanna relive the XF phenomenon *hmph*

regarding my MJ empire - I'm starting again damn flood broke all my records :((

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