Sunday, May 31, 2009

Building my XF Empire

**heavy X-FilesGASM ahead**
*empire = collection*
So Want this...
  • The X-Files: The Complete Collector's Edition

look how puuuurtifull, the extras are really top-notch *dies*
Also, check this guys YT profile for other reviews nice channel too

Wish list...
  • The Complete X-Phile Edition DVD
  • X-Files: I Want To Believe Blu Ray
  • X-Files: Fight the Future DVD
  • X-Files: Fight the Future Blu Ray
  • X-Files FTF & IWTB 2-disc Blu Ray
  • X - Files: Revelations DVD

I'm a late-newbie phile and just starting on my X-Files empire lol
  • Still have some missing comics (90s)
  • Completed the new comics
  • Completed collecting the books - the republished ones - still want the 90's version
  • Bought the 1st version of the complete X-Files book - waiting for the second release
  • Bought the X-Files: I Want to Believe Book
Willing to buy X Files stuff - to those who plan on selling...
  • 90's comics
  • Trading Cards
  • X-Files official Mags
  • Authentic Posters
  • 90's released books
  • X-Files:Fight the Future book
  • X-Files Toys (not the Ken & Barbie lol)
told you I'm building an X-Files empire hahah lol
can it be 90's again? so wanna relive the XF phenomenon *hmph*

regarding my MJ empire - I'm starting again damn flood broke all my records :((

Mad Perfection

I can't seem to get enough of this song. Every performance gets better and better, Now I get goosebumps when Adam performs. The Tone of his voice, the melody, it's smooth flowing, him just standing there adds to the feel of the smoothness, it's powerful yet simply done. It's perfection. I mean, I know this is a cover-cover, the original artist is Tears for Tears, and covered by Gary Jules, in which Adam's version is taken. It totally beats the original. This is what I meant when I say be original, nothing's original that's why you have to make it your own.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sims 3| My Thoughts

okay, so finally the wait is over. I played the game.created my character, love the personality traits, faves that they added. The only thing I didn't like was the hair, had a difficult time choosing, moving on to the gameplay...

The Gameplay
First and foremost I'd like to inform you all that sims2 cheats work except aging on/off cheat. It was kinda hard manipulating it at first but once you get a hold of it, it's still the same, I like the feature that you could put tons of objects on a table, side table..etc. The sleeping time is what I don't dig, the time was slow, even if I sped it up (3) it's still kind of slow but I guess it's fair enough so that you're sims won't grow fast enough and die immediately.

All in all...
I really like it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love in Venice Beach| The Vid

gaaaaaah! It's official I'm losing it. Season 3 is killing me and it's still on production. How cute is this?? am I the only one who sees and feels the chemistry?? If that's the case I lost it. Sanity if you plan on passing by please do say Hi! :) Gah why do I love this so much, I mean obsessing about this, Seson 2 Hank and Moody Bromance was really awesome but this Gay Love is just too sweet for me to handle.

Hopefully the storyline of Hank and his 'buddy' are as good as what I'm feeling :)

so cute.

Love in Venice Beach| Liebe im Vendeg Strand

I could never get enough of this picture, I mean truly, I just can't, I don't know the exact I missing Hank?, in need of Califonication season 3? or it's just plain cute? I prefer the third reason, the pic is extremely cute. Now I don't care if it's a gay scene, I don't wanna think it's DD and Kevin, I want to see it as Hank and his 'buddy'.

This is really not helping, I'm so salivating for season 3 right now, season 2 was really a fantabulous run, Hank and Janie, Hank and Lew(Bromance) and The Great Ashby alone?? could I ask for more,no! but with this yes, call me greedy, I want some Venice Lovin'.NOW!

more pics at also other xfiles related stuff. knock yourselves out ;)

note: 'Liebe im Vendeg Strand' that's the German translation of Love in Venice Beach, feel free to correct me if it's wrong
, forgive I'm just obsessed with the German language.

New Genre: Space Angst?

Been having 70's music session, specifically Elton John and David Bowie and then I've been addicted to Elton John's 'Rocket Man' and David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'. Both songs tells a story about them leaving their wife or significant other for space, sad song but I think Space Oddity is more depressing (in a good way) just don't over internalize Major Tom, hard situation to be Major Tom. In Rocket Man's case at least there is a little hope left, it's would just be a long, long time, till he can least.

With two heartbreaking, difficult situations to battle, Thus giving birth to the term 'Space Angst', what do you guys think lol?

anyhoo, just enjoy Elton John's live performance of the song, nice piano solo too ;) and David Bowie's 1969, Music Video for Space Oddity.

Rocket Man by Elton John

Space Oddity by David Bowie

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Modern Day Cinema: An Excuse for Porn

oh how I love not watching Television these days, who agrees? No one because people are so caught up with TV shows that week after week ,episode after episode has a 'kiss and break-up and make up' story telling that has actually lasted for several long seasons, I am so amazed on how audiences of today can be satisfied by that mere way of story telling-- Truly remarkable.

and what's up with remakes in the movie biz? what's worse is people actually are hungry for remakes and why's that because everything explodes whooopi, It gives you a ride, a thrill thanks for CGI, people need not to divert themselves on what's the story is about. Fantabulous! Also there are filmmakers that are so kind enough to feed on the hunger of people, they'll have lunch meetings, have incoherent discussions on the plot, cast bankable hot celebs, preferably a resume that says ok with nudity, another reason for actually not having lines or dialogues for that matter. Set the location: Studio, set up the green screen, director sits, says roll, DOP says rolling, director says, lights, camera, strip...I mean action. few 'in and out' then cut, off to cutting room, apply images and explosion, go to premiere and boom instant box I can't really blame them can I? it sells which means there is an audience (or probably it's not only men have high testosterone levels that goes sky high when things blow up, I have come to believe that women also have testosterone levels don't know how the female can produce...must be CGIs...bravo technology, you have found ways to make non existent stimuli in a women's body.....)when there is money and evrybody's happy. where's the harm?

Well I'll tell you where the harm is, it deteriorates the essence of filmmaking, it kills the classics, it degenerates the point of storytelling, where are concepts, ideas and good storytelling? Films are there to tell a story not make everything explode(why don't you just watch nuclear test grounds or go to war or something) or make hot teen celebs strip and make sex/hotness the point of the story -- we have a term for that it's called 'porn'.

If that's what you want in a film why not just go log in yourself, the Internet has tons of free sites.

Maybe it sells so much cause two hormones are hit when watching CGI heavy Films, ( who ever said you can't hit two birds with one stone, obviously the served two hormones) explosion and sex, big screen, ahhh pure entertainment...because it's titled as 'movie' you'd have a clear conscience that you're not watching 'porn', it's just a movie two leads acting, mingled as one in a particular scene...hmmm sounds familiar.

now don't get me started in the music industry because it's long dead. Can someone please revive it? I'm still hoping for 'non-pushed-buttons' produced albums. I know tons of artist has remakes under their discography but please make it yours, make it original? don't kill classics. Please give some justice.

Filmmakers: Who to write

Another blast from the past. Had our first meeting in our major class. Sat through the basics, introduction, course outline, blah on and so fort. By the end of the discussion, our professor said that our project is going to be a historical research, about filmmakers that made an impact or changed the way for cinema today. so I had Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock(doi) in mind, Ruling out my options into one, I landed on none of the three gents I mentioned. Still had a debate between him and John Landis, whom did I chose, of course the one and the only Master of Horror, John Carpenter.

Why not Kubrick, saw his films liked em' but just don't want to make a paper about him, other thing my classmate got him already. Martin Scorsese, love his works, but I want someone else, Alfred Hitchcock, true genius, felt too much if I'll write my paper on him...don't wanna miss out any facts- in short don't want to mess up a legend.

I stumbled upon John Carpenter, saw his list of films, besides, Halloween, the Fog and the others and all other classics. Though for a while and ding John Landis, I know this guy coz' I love love love Blues Brothers and of course as an MJ fan, who cannot know this man shall perish (kidding) you get what I mean ( Thriller Video & Black or White Video, hello?) Animal House, Twilight Zone need I say more? Anyways I didn't choose John Landis because I already know him, I want to broaden my knowledge on other directors too.

John Carpenter,why not Wes Craven? I'll tell you why plain and simple, I love Scream,I love Fred Krueger, love 'Nightmare on Elm Street', brilliant storytelling, brilliant idea, brilliant concept and what better way to scare people is to let them not feel safe -- disturb their sleep, I mean haunt them on their sleep, but why John Carpenter?? who's the original, who's pioneer of the slasher genre -- John Carpenter. who has dozens of films that says it's a cult classic? him, him, him. Halloween, The Thing, The Fog and the lists goes on.

I know he's gone down the spiral since the 90's, well most people says, but in my opinion this guy still has it, this is coming from the new generation and (not fond of remakes). First Carpenter Film I saw-- Vampires. I was 9 years old when I saw it, I was so terrified,that for a week or more I slept facing the window, hands covering my neck. (and week before that I saw stigmata and the exorcist didn't scare me at all)still had a fresh image of that coz' today I laughed at myself on why I was so terrified by Vampires they don't even exist form where I live. lol

Question: am I the only one who actually liked this film? and totally find this film kick-ass, James Wood was so good, so cool, so kick ass, I, myself wanted to chop some vampire heads.

To all the haters...
few filmmakers can make more than 5 films that says 'cult classic', Two disappointing films(a lot says 'Vampires' & 'Ghost from Mars'--I beg to differ,GFM a bit meh when compared to his films but actually liked it) can't erase his past -- remarkable, horrifying films that terrorized our TV Screens.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hell Shoot: Laguna

This is a late entry. May 19,2009
My second experience in a real production setting. This time a production for a music video, worked with UP graduates students. Nice, Kind, friendly people (I'm not just saying it).

Had a Photography 101 with Mai, thank you.

Had witness the Jaguar, new model, not yet released in the Philippines, even the
director was mesmerized by it. lol Spent half the day just shooting the car around.

The on lactation was in Laguna, an hour or more drive from Metro Manila. In Tokyo Mansion.

This was a nice dreadful experience not the shoot but my personal physical situation. No sleep for almost 5 days. After graduating from my intense summer workshop, I helped my sister's project and that's my 5 sleepless nights, It happens to be my last day in Bacolod so I had to visit my sister in Iloilo,Overnight, finished her project, went back to Bacolod, to catch my flight back to Manila. I thought I could spend my time in m bed but what do you know, I got a text from my classmate informing about this shoot and filling for her coz' she's sick. So I agreed. They told me call time was 4am--never in m life I hated punctuality--was there on the meeting place at 3am waited til' 7am coz' the cam department had problems.

Spent a whole day on the shoot, we finished at around 6am in the morning, It was our first day of school, thank goody, my first class is at noon, so I had an 2hours of sleep.

Question: would I put myself in this experience again? Yes, I could always hate me when I'm already there.

**I took those pictures, If it's not allowed please inform me I'll take it down**

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Childhood: Darkman

Thanks to Watchmen I am reminded by this particular movie that hunted me for months because I can't recall the title. I saw this thrice when I was a kid, Still remembered the scene where his lab was burned then he wrapped his whole body with a gauze..etc. Saw his wife, followed her and actually touched her. yep still clearly. Luckily, I was browsing the mall, saw in the DVD section the trilogy set (didn't even know that it had 3movies) I'm planning to buy it, so I could fully put Darkman to rest.

erased from the list of 'my-childhood-untitled-movies' that roams my head Finally I'm at ease

Sherlock Holmes

Recently new RDJ convert. Now looking forward to this movie remake so far I'm loving the trailer plus Jude Law is surprisingly funny (I know he played witty characters but as Watson he's kinda different) anyways that's assuming off the trailer but you can't really assume anything on 2min clip. Rachel McAdams, guilty of typecasting her but I'll try my best to ignore Regina George.

Not really fond of remakes but this is a Guy Ritchie Film and Robert Downey,Jr. is in and I have been following their career's so I'd be a happy hypocrite for this movie, Can't wait for the mean time here's the Official Trailer.

added note: I'm on a Bromance streak so am hoping Holmes(RDJ) and Watson(Jude Law) would land on my list ;)

Moody Blues

September is still too many nights away. In order to remedy my Hank Moody blues I have again set my computer on to have a Californication marathon, this time I got 2 season two laugh and get emotional on. NICE :D

For the meantime here's the vid that up to this date I'm still addicted on. Great concept the editing really worked ;)

Song: 'The Girl I'll Never Have' by Linus of Hollywood (great track too)

Passion Overflow

This is it! I like the BTS they had on,it truly shows how influential Michael Jackson is.

I have been an MJ fan for 9years running and I never new I could dance up until the day I saw this man move, Truly, inspiring, He me made me into a frustrated dancer but nonetheless glad to witness him perform his Magic on stage and oil my living room just glide my way like him.

8years of wait, and still when I see him or things about him, same feeling flows, Electricity, My heart would race, jump out of my chest, waiting, anticipating because this is guy is full of conviction that when he's onstage Passion overflows. No one dances like him,with pure conviction, While performing his in battle with himself to be great and be the greatest and yes he is.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adam: True Performer, True Artist and Talented like hell

American Idol Season 8 winner has been crowned sadly it's not Adam Lambert. However what I will say is that, I will pay any amount of money just to see this guy perform live. He can sing anything, cover songs and make it his own, this is a true artist and I'm glad I have witnessed him before my TV screen.

Mad World reprise in the final 2 AI episode was better than the first, in stage performance, with all the fog, lighting and again with his 'grand' entrance -- this guy lives to perform. No words and adjective can describe how truly remarkable and talented he can be, up to this date I admit I'm still in awe.

Second performance 'change is gonna come', Glam rock is back and Adam is kicking it back! It was an RnB song and what did he do, made it into his own Lambert Style. I have issues regrading covers and remakes but if you can better it and make it your own, I'll shut up. The world needs his type of artist.

'No Boundaries' I agree that it's not that good compared to his A+ performances but his 'not-so-good' performances still lands an A.

My Take on the winner...
On Kris Allen the song(No Boundaries) suited him but I do agree it was too high for him but that was the first performance that I actually liked from him, also I agree with Simon his first performance was the highlight, the second, in my opinion, was just his typical performance -- Allen fans I'm sorry, he can sing but I just find him boring, anyone can sing and play guitar at the same time, nothing's new and intriguing when he's performing. So it goes down to 'Is he worth the American Idol season 8 crown? Yes', 'Is he a better performer than Adam Lambert?No', 'Is he a better singer than Adam?' That I can't judge, you can't judge two people when their music styles are different, Subjectively I'll go for Adam, I'm into rock not acoustic rock so I can't really appreciate Kris's voice','Is Kris a good singer?Yes, but he's just not my cup of tea'

Back to Adam...
I'm saddened that he didn't win but it was too obvious that since day one he's too edgy and just plain talented for the show. He needs no competition for he is already a winner. He's already on my list,like Paula said she's a front runner I'll come second when it comes to Adam and a fan for life. I will follow this guy's career and I can't wait to buy and hear his first album. Seeing him live, I'm dying to taste for an Adam Lambert experience. Briggin the Tour!

Added note...
I'm a consistent AI audience and I have never seen anyone consistent as Adam Lambert he has no bad performance, his bad performance are 'way-to-good-for-the-show' perofromance, every week he has something new to show and I always look forward to the latter part of the song for he will again belt it out like hell, how can he hit those insanely high notes week after week??

As a music lover...
There are few artists that can electrify a stage and ballads are seldom electrifying and I guess it's safe to say that Adam Lambert is part and has to be on that list.

To Paula's comment on Adam as an Icon...
still hard to confirm, a lot of things can happen, but later in his career, it wouldn't surprise me if he will be an Icon because it's likely to happen

All I can say regarding the AI finale/results...
Adam's Overqualified.

as a rock chic...
Thank heaven's sake for the resurection of Glam Rock!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

FACT: Hollywood's crap....these days

A must read's speaks the TRUTH!

"Hearing the news that Star Trek had a $76.5 million box office in its opening weekend, I thought that I had to chime in for a moment just to get a few things off my chest. Now listen up movie goers: Hollywood stinks! The current trend of rehashing old movies with a ramped up budget is driving me nuts. It is not creative, it does not require any skill or talent, it is obviously a movement based purely on capital that shouldn’t be rewarded. It is also creating a downward spiral for new directors and movie creators with original concepts. Who because of this trend can’t find work due to the proven trend of turning old movies around. I haven’t been to a theater in years, and the only reason is that I have seen all of the movies the first time around, when they were original in nature and new ideas based in skill and fresh concepts.

Why would I go see Jason again when I saw the original years ago? I want to remember it as it was, a very talented display of what horror can be and an entirely new take on the genre. Why should I see the new version, it has moved away from everything that made the original unique. Why should I pay to see a Land of the Lost movie? The reason that I enjoyed the show was because it was so cheesy and made me smile as an 8-year-old who liked dinosaurs. Now, it’s a Will Ferrell movie. Imagine if every CD you bought was nothing but cover songs from 10 years ago. Would you feel that you’re really getting a “new” CD? No, you wouldn’t. And I want to see new movies, I want to hear new music, I want to know that there is a reason that a certain director made $50 million off of a concept. I want to support what I feel is truly deserving of my money. The economy is bad, so we are essentially voting with our Bejamins, and I refuse to vote for unoriginal, force-fed concepts that are based more in marketing than in true artistic merit…

Hollywood-you stink!"

inally I'm not alone that thinks Hollywood's gone crap these days! I know for one music industry has lost it, remakes, remixes, covers that goes off the chart. I feared the same for the movie industry, for I have taken refuge after music has gone downhill. And Yes, it's true same thing happened in the movie biz.

Remakes! what's the saddest part is it sells, now that would only drive producers to greenlight these type of films coz' that's where money is. Also I have to agree, that it would 'set' a mark on new filmmakers that you don't need concept, new ideas and good storylines, it don't sell as much as remakes and CGI heavy films. I don't know who's to blame the makers or the audience. One no one would bother a remake if it won't do good in the Box Office or because these days you can do almost anthing with editing softwares--visually, that's it's enough to 'blow-away' peoples mind that good and new storyline is not needed. It's sad, really because it deteriorates the essence of filmmaking.

**Originality--where have you been??the world needs you**

Friday, May 8, 2009

My place

Finally I have a website, my website, thank you 'blog' for giving me tons of rambling thoughts that I'm pushed to organize and it fully express myself, it gave me lots of ideas on how my site is going to look like and how' it's going to be so far, I like what I'm seeing and putting on it. Hopefully my interest won't go down so that I can maintain the site running so is this blog.

Moreover, my primary reason for building a website, this time for myself because I want to have a review page in which I could just critic films, television shows, etc. so far it's doing quite well, everything goes as planned, regarding the contents.

It's still a long way before I can finish this site but hopefully before my school starts so that I'll be able to just update it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Problem Chase

I hate math hate hate hate hate it! but not full rage hate, I just hate the hell process math gives me when I solve each problems. Which reminds me, when I was in 4th year high school, my math teacher knew that half the class is struggling, not because she's a bad teacher but because it was really hard. Then one of my classmates clamored about how hard it is she then replied,' you can stow away with problem solving because it will be present in your life, it may not be exactly dealing with numbers nonetheless it's still a problem'. -- True.

Now, backtracking, Our class resumed and then I was re energized but still decided to be late. The edited footage was presented to us, they encourage to give feedback and questions. Tell you the truth I was eager to see the final product. A one day shoot, with a surprisingly good outcome from the art department I was curious as hell since,not to brag, it was our sweat that made it possible. It was interesting to see it on TV. Our mentors gave dished out their comments, The DOP explained the editing process, the director, however commented on how usually pre-prod plans gets distorted when production time comes along, that you have to think and re think, consider and re consider you options, face and tackle the problem--well that's what I think after he said when your on production it's a problem solving process.

** all the while I thought I've gone separate ways with problem solving but there it is, coming right up my face and bites me on the ass

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

hell shoot and cure for insomnia?

I knew my summer's going to be crap, and it is, because have a one month summer and what did I do enrolled myself into a workshop. We had a production going on, It was continuous tiring efforts from all departments. Still after an exhausting week I was able to emit a smile, and a light feeling within. Don't want to sound so dramatic or cinematic (how can one be cinematic??lol) but even though it is stressful I don't mind doing it again over and over.

I have some inner hatred with some of the guys I worked with but to hell with them, I'm training myself to be a pacifist unless, provoked so for now I'll just zipped my mouth. though I must admit it's tempting *insert devil laugh*

anyways we had a mock shoot. we compressed the time making it a one day shoot, It's my fist experience in a real production setting with professionals guiding us so it was real fun. except for a couple of guys that triggered my nerve-endings, anyways I have respect for them so say no more

the following day, it was weekend we had a two day shoot, it was tiring, it was hell, we would wake up early in the morning and from then on it was all work up til midnight. Following day we took lightly, little slow in the production and wrapped around 7pm, less tiring than the 1st production and the 1st night. I came home, as my head hit the pillow, less than 5minutes I'm snoring my way to the nest day.

added note: Finally I have finally found a cure for my insomnia nights -- exhaustion! haha lol

admit it you like wasting your time

This is the type of 'thoughts' I'm planning to post here. lol this is an e-mail I send to my friend in which I really plan on wasting her time fully hahah and I did she actually read the whole thing...if you want you to read it, you'll know how much you want your time to be wasted or find some excuse to have a break from whatever important things you do in your life...and on the latter part, I wrote in Filipino...

**message part cut out**

uhmmm what else...

actually, I'm just typing here with my ongoing rant so that you'll keep read it and then it'll be a complete waste of time- on your part since i enjoy this- wasting other people's time-- and you'll of course, curse me, for wasting your time, so I'm sorry and thank you for the wonderful use of colors in your cursing. I'm out of words which is an irony cause I'm still typing words that forms a sentence that will later on be a paragraph and then this will be stressful enough for your eyes to read because it'll evolve into a testimony that's it's incredibly long -- if you're still reading -- admit it you do love it when you waste your time, don't you? c'mon, don't hide it?-- moreover you'll get yourself handful by having drinks and chips on your hands cause you'll be so damn attached with this nojo-rojo-nonsense of mine (by the way nojo-rojo might sound stupid but rojo actually means red in some language that I know nothing of, just 'some language' and then I just added nojo cause it rhymes with rojo--see I don't complicate stuff-FYI the correct pronunciation is '
noho-roho'-- my attempt here is more on prolonging this other than actually teaching you how to pronounce the word that you already know how to pronounce.--I could've use 'say' instead of pronounce but I used 'pronounce' coz I too can complicate stuff--majority of people do overcomplicate stuff(FACT)--moving on) are you still reading? I'm touched people do wanna hear nonsene(hmm...interesting). what's even more touching is that it's my nonsense that you're reading...wait I have to pause for a moment (irony, again but still I'm typing my emotions yet I'm crying--hold it, hold it, there's a word for that -- aha 'multi-tasking'(typing&crying) kinda wanna take a looksee (haha looksee) in the dicto (haha dictio) for that meaning so that this text will be lengthy but if I'll do that that won't be dumb and stupid anymore cause one if I searched for that word - it's called research/ -ing and that's giving out info(now giving information reminds me of science and 'other-know-this-and-you'll-appear-to-be-smart' subjects (just wanna make it long) and in a way I am giving info to you, informing you that whatever I'm doing has some sense actually if you'll take a looksee and backtrack with what I'm writing (ok, now I'm just confusing you ahahah--- even I'm confused *hmph* *bactracking* *now where was I* *oh ther you go*)my emotions -- sweeeeeeeeet sweeet emotions (OST-sweet emotions by aerosmith) but to tell you the truth my tears crawled back up cause I forgot to pursue my emotion so I'll just contune typing as my mind wanders off into places..places..places *here I'm attempting an echo effect as you oh-so-well-know that when in text that's always a fail attempt all the time but why bother if every step, every try is a failure...akala mo dadrama ako ha o ggive ng advice,hndi my quote dyn kasi, quote na lng natin 'try and try until you succeed' ~(don't wanna type here anonymos kc ang dami gumagamit nito nakasuka na sakakarinig) ~ sa lahat ng tao na sinabi ang quote na to at sa kung sino man ang unang gumamait nito pare ang haba ng pasenxa mo ako'y humanga sa you, nakabukas ang bibig tumutulo ang laway sakakahnga, ang huwow ng dating pare,huwow talaga aw aw aw awwww *ginagaya ko lng ang mga tambay* sila kaci ang insparition ko kong bakit i'm typing here, right ngayon, now at dahil sa ako'y inspired din sa mga people nanagtataglish kung kaya't ako'y nagtataglish din pero, kasi, the truth is nauubusan na ako ng mga words sa english at tagalog. don't tell me you're still reading?? man you gotta be insane as I am for actually reading this up to this point! man I'm gonna give you a slow hand clap while I attempt to rise on my feet -- I just made it descriptive but the word is 'standing ovation'--yeah..gimme some of that, yeah and that part is attempting to be black and have a handshake in which I can never be *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* got that sistah?! I know you copy ('copy' ahahaha cops use that often, sounds manly yet so gay ahaha 'copy' --"copy?" and the other end of the radio says "roger!"--man who's roger at the first place? see even cops got their gay linggo thang going on --again 'thang' I'm just trying to be black--yeah I know that word 'trying hard'-- you don't have to say it on my face coz' i know it--well I'm sory to tell you cause you can't say it on my face cause' you're reading in a computer screen, you can't even see my face, all you have is my e-mail address, you don't even know my home address, you don't even know my real name, all you know is my screen name, it's amrice09, how will you be able to track me down??huh? huh? tell me, your only option is to write me back - it's called reply- and then you'll type me a message, saying how I've utterly wasted your time--and know it's all my fault,coz' my sensless thought intrigued you to actually get you reading up to this point, still!- oh and writing me back isn't? actually, entertaining the idea to actually make one is already a complete waste of time!)

ok I'mma stop now -- see when you overlook and overanalyze situation-- that's the outcome a whole bunch of incoherent stupidity and all I'm saying is it's better to sleep not because it's the best thing to do but,...because I'm sleepy.

hope I've wasted your time - fully& completely
good night/morning/afternoon ---- good nighmonoon (look made a new word yay me I'm all giddy like a teenager- wait I am a teen-I can count and sure enough I can count the years I've lived here on earth! *bleh*)

(still reading it?man I admire your patience, perseverance and determination in finishing this stupidity--you must have 'word' fetish- I don't even wanna go there)

it's been fun and tiring at the sametime (take that superman I can have fun even though I'm tired-- ok now that is sheer stupidity)

one last thought, If you're like me who overanalyze almost anything and everything -- you'll notice that my rant is not finished -- beacause it's incoherent dammit! how can you analyze stupid thoughts!! ther is no thought because it's stupid!! *hello brain where are you*

d seryoso d na ko
hindi seyoso ayaw ko na
no,seriously I won't na(eww ang literal at ang OA-over acting -pinahaba pa eh)
I'll stop
just wanna type it
cute word
don't you agree?
it's brown...FYI
also organic hihi
what a cute word...*pauses for a moment,getting amazed with the word poop*
it's like chocolate
so brown...
( I want my horn to sound like poop not fart but 'poop' - popoop popoop ahahah get it??? bebeep bebeep...ah forget it!)
you're still reading??? good- i want you to take a deep breath-hold it-brace yourself- this is the last-----------------this is the end *exhale*.

you should've stop reading when I typed '..end' but admit it you actually read the 'exhale' part too and even this right?? amirite?? ahahah



I made a blogger account centuries ago and let flies accommodate it. I always thought 'why would people give a damn about reading what I think' but here I am actually typing my way into the 'blog' world. Why I finally decided to activate this account? simple, I'm bored and I'm an impulsive creature so it is in my nature that after 'what the heck' phrase I've come to a my incoherent, nonsense, stupid thoughts online.

Truth be told I actually have no idea or whatsoever to post here though I will assure you that stupidity would be frequent

as I've said If you're bored, this is the right place to kill time 'cause believe me, I will waste your time, fully -- kidding

this blog site would have abundance in nonsense and incoherent thoughts

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