Wednesday, May 6, 2009

admit it you like wasting your time

This is the type of 'thoughts' I'm planning to post here. lol this is an e-mail I send to my friend in which I really plan on wasting her time fully hahah and I did she actually read the whole thing...if you want you to read it, you'll know how much you want your time to be wasted or find some excuse to have a break from whatever important things you do in your life...and on the latter part, I wrote in Filipino...

**message part cut out**

uhmmm what else...

actually, I'm just typing here with my ongoing rant so that you'll keep read it and then it'll be a complete waste of time- on your part since i enjoy this- wasting other people's time-- and you'll of course, curse me, for wasting your time, so I'm sorry and thank you for the wonderful use of colors in your cursing. I'm out of words which is an irony cause I'm still typing words that forms a sentence that will later on be a paragraph and then this will be stressful enough for your eyes to read because it'll evolve into a testimony that's it's incredibly long -- if you're still reading -- admit it you do love it when you waste your time, don't you? c'mon, don't hide it?-- moreover you'll get yourself handful by having drinks and chips on your hands cause you'll be so damn attached with this nojo-rojo-nonsense of mine (by the way nojo-rojo might sound stupid but rojo actually means red in some language that I know nothing of, just 'some language' and then I just added nojo cause it rhymes with rojo--see I don't complicate stuff-FYI the correct pronunciation is '
noho-roho'-- my attempt here is more on prolonging this other than actually teaching you how to pronounce the word that you already know how to pronounce.--I could've use 'say' instead of pronounce but I used 'pronounce' coz I too can complicate stuff--majority of people do overcomplicate stuff(FACT)--moving on) are you still reading? I'm touched people do wanna hear nonsene(hmm...interesting). what's even more touching is that it's my nonsense that you're reading...wait I have to pause for a moment (irony, again but still I'm typing my emotions yet I'm crying--hold it, hold it, there's a word for that -- aha 'multi-tasking'(typing&crying) kinda wanna take a looksee (haha looksee) in the dicto (haha dictio) for that meaning so that this text will be lengthy but if I'll do that that won't be dumb and stupid anymore cause one if I searched for that word - it's called research/ -ing and that's giving out info(now giving information reminds me of science and 'other-know-this-and-you'll-appear-to-be-smart' subjects (just wanna make it long) and in a way I am giving info to you, informing you that whatever I'm doing has some sense actually if you'll take a looksee and backtrack with what I'm writing (ok, now I'm just confusing you ahahah--- even I'm confused *hmph* *bactracking* *now where was I* *oh ther you go*)my emotions -- sweeeeeeeeet sweeet emotions (OST-sweet emotions by aerosmith) but to tell you the truth my tears crawled back up cause I forgot to pursue my emotion so I'll just contune typing as my mind wanders off into places..places..places *here I'm attempting an echo effect as you oh-so-well-know that when in text that's always a fail attempt all the time but why bother if every step, every try is a failure...akala mo dadrama ako ha o ggive ng advice,hndi my quote dyn kasi, quote na lng natin 'try and try until you succeed' ~(don't wanna type here anonymos kc ang dami gumagamit nito nakasuka na sakakarinig) ~ sa lahat ng tao na sinabi ang quote na to at sa kung sino man ang unang gumamait nito pare ang haba ng pasenxa mo ako'y humanga sa you, nakabukas ang bibig tumutulo ang laway sakakahnga, ang huwow ng dating pare,huwow talaga aw aw aw awwww *ginagaya ko lng ang mga tambay* sila kaci ang insparition ko kong bakit i'm typing here, right ngayon, now at dahil sa ako'y inspired din sa mga people nanagtataglish kung kaya't ako'y nagtataglish din pero, kasi, the truth is nauubusan na ako ng mga words sa english at tagalog. don't tell me you're still reading?? man you gotta be insane as I am for actually reading this up to this point! man I'm gonna give you a slow hand clap while I attempt to rise on my feet -- I just made it descriptive but the word is 'standing ovation'--yeah..gimme some of that, yeah and that part is attempting to be black and have a handshake in which I can never be *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* got that sistah?! I know you copy ('copy' ahahaha cops use that often, sounds manly yet so gay ahaha 'copy' --"copy?" and the other end of the radio says "roger!"--man who's roger at the first place? see even cops got their gay linggo thang going on --again 'thang' I'm just trying to be black--yeah I know that word 'trying hard'-- you don't have to say it on my face coz' i know it--well I'm sory to tell you cause you can't say it on my face cause' you're reading in a computer screen, you can't even see my face, all you have is my e-mail address, you don't even know my home address, you don't even know my real name, all you know is my screen name, it's amrice09, how will you be able to track me down??huh? huh? tell me, your only option is to write me back - it's called reply- and then you'll type me a message, saying how I've utterly wasted your time--and know it's all my fault,coz' my sensless thought intrigued you to actually get you reading up to this point, still!- oh and writing me back isn't? actually, entertaining the idea to actually make one is already a complete waste of time!)

ok I'mma stop now -- see when you overlook and overanalyze situation-- that's the outcome a whole bunch of incoherent stupidity and all I'm saying is it's better to sleep not because it's the best thing to do but,...because I'm sleepy.

hope I've wasted your time - fully& completely
good night/morning/afternoon ---- good nighmonoon (look made a new word yay me I'm all giddy like a teenager- wait I am a teen-I can count and sure enough I can count the years I've lived here on earth! *bleh*)

(still reading it?man I admire your patience, perseverance and determination in finishing this stupidity--you must have 'word' fetish- I don't even wanna go there)

it's been fun and tiring at the sametime (take that superman I can have fun even though I'm tired-- ok now that is sheer stupidity)

one last thought, If you're like me who overanalyze almost anything and everything -- you'll notice that my rant is not finished -- beacause it's incoherent dammit! how can you analyze stupid thoughts!! ther is no thought because it's stupid!! *hello brain where are you*

d seryoso d na ko
hindi seyoso ayaw ko na
no,seriously I won't na(eww ang literal at ang OA-over acting -pinahaba pa eh)
I'll stop
just wanna type it
cute word
don't you agree?
it's brown...FYI
also organic hihi
what a cute word...*pauses for a moment,getting amazed with the word poop*
it's like chocolate
so brown...
( I want my horn to sound like poop not fart but 'poop' - popoop popoop ahahah get it??? bebeep bebeep...ah forget it!)
you're still reading??? good- i want you to take a deep breath-hold it-brace yourself- this is the last-----------------this is the end *exhale*.

you should've stop reading when I typed '..end' but admit it you actually read the 'exhale' part too and even this right?? amirite?? ahahah


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