Thursday, May 7, 2009

Problem Chase

I hate math hate hate hate hate it! but not full rage hate, I just hate the hell process math gives me when I solve each problems. Which reminds me, when I was in 4th year high school, my math teacher knew that half the class is struggling, not because she's a bad teacher but because it was really hard. Then one of my classmates clamored about how hard it is she then replied,' you can stow away with problem solving because it will be present in your life, it may not be exactly dealing with numbers nonetheless it's still a problem'. -- True.

Now, backtracking, Our class resumed and then I was re energized but still decided to be late. The edited footage was presented to us, they encourage to give feedback and questions. Tell you the truth I was eager to see the final product. A one day shoot, with a surprisingly good outcome from the art department I was curious as hell since,not to brag, it was our sweat that made it possible. It was interesting to see it on TV. Our mentors gave dished out their comments, The DOP explained the editing process, the director, however commented on how usually pre-prod plans gets distorted when production time comes along, that you have to think and re think, consider and re consider you options, face and tackle the problem--well that's what I think after he said when your on production it's a problem solving process.

** all the while I thought I've gone separate ways with problem solving but there it is, coming right up my face and bites me on the ass

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