Friday, July 31, 2009

Iverson chokes and talks about Mike.

I'm a huge Iverson fan. I admire this man as an athlete and as a person. He may be just 6'0 tall but he has a heart of champion. Passion overflows when he's on court no wonder I like him like Mike both bleeds passion. both kinda have a similar paths, similar media attention, similar bashing from here and there but who cares let the media and people talk shit -- time will come they'll be eating those sh!t.

Iverson talks about his program some MJ mention on how dehumanizing media can be and how sick people can be. *sigh* sad sad world.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


my new song therapy! haha lol basically just read the whole lyrics--society depicted ;)

song info:
Unreleased track from MJ though it was released on MJ The Ultimate Collection.(2004)
Nick Carter sings this song dunno if it's his single/official release (?)
Fan Made Video
Shout by The Temptations only the chorus were covered from the original ;)


Ignorance of people purchasing diamonds and necklaces,
And barely able to keep the payments up on their lessons,
And enrolled in a class and don?t know who the professor is,
How low people go for the dough and make a mess of things,
Kids are murdering other kids for the fun of it,
Instead of using their mind or their fist, they put a gun in it
Wanna be a part of a clique, don?t know who?s running it,
Tragedy on top of tragedy you know it?s killing me.
So many people in agony, this shouldn?t have to be,
Too busy focusing on ourselves and not His Majesty,
There has to be some type of change for this day and age,
We gotta rearrange and flip the page,
Living encaged like animals and cannibals,
Eating each other alive just to survive the nine to five,
Every single day is trouble while we struggle and strive
Peace of mind?s so hard to find.

I wanna shout, throw my hands up and shout
What?s this madness all about
All this makes me wanna shout
You know it makes me wanna shout,
Throw my hands up and shout
What?s this madness all about
All this makes me wanna shout, c?mon now

Verse 2
Problems, complications and accusations
Dividing the nations and races of empty faces
A war is taking place.
No substitution for restitution, the only solution for peace
Is increasing the height of your spirituality.
Masses of minds are shrouded, clouded visions
Deceptions and indecision, no faith or religion, how we?re living.
The clock is ticking, the end is coming, there?ll be no warning,
But we live to see the dawn.

How can we preach, when all we make this world to be
Is a living hell torturing our minds.
We all must unite, to turn darkness to light,
And the love in our hearts will shine.

Verse 3
We?re disconnected from love, we?re disrespecting each other
Whatever happened to protecting each other
Poisoned your body and your soul for a minute of pleasure,
But the damage that you?ve done is gonna last forever.
Babies being born in the world already drug addicted and afflicted,
Family values are contradicted.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, the pressure is building and I?ve had enough.


In The Closet *hooboy*

oh yeah! everything is S-- On Legs man S-- On Legs. for the ladies!
I've been having too much In The Closet playbacks and lately been watching it live! DAYUM!

also I suggest listening to the acapella version of ITC ;)

Here's from HIStory Tour ITC Live

TDRCAU+ITC- New Zealand, Ericson Stadium in Auckland. November 9, 1996

ITC-Seoul (man the guitar or whatever instrument they had on ITC-HIStory in Seoul threw me of guard. Juts pure S-- On Legs man that's all I can say.)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michael Jackson`s `Dangerous` Stands Up As One Of His Best Albums Ever!

Michael Jackson`s `Dangerous` Stands Up As One Of His Best Albums Ever!
^^ Read article| click

my thoughts: Exactly! Totally agree with what the author says, Dangerous is my favorite album from Michael. Let me break it down for you
I could listen to it without the audio coz' the beats are insane
I could listen to it raw --who is it beat box anyone?? lol
I could listen to it on Acapella- will you be there? keep the faith? gone to soon?
raw-stripped or just play the whole thing!
Dangerous is the BEST album!

I could go on and on praising this album although I could one negative I don't dig 'Gone Too Soon' it's depresses me before and with the tragedy it's painful but thanks to Usher with his wonderful cover I can now listen to it without tearing up.

Fave Tracks from Dangerous: In The Closet, Who Is It, Keep The Faith and the ever so great Track Will You Be There!

now I love discussing and debating to whoever saying that after Thriller Mike has been struggling to have a another thriller type success coz' I beg to differ-greatly and strongly!

The only thing I could give you is the 'commercial success of Thriller' but talking hits and artistic-wise Thriller's been toppled down.

Bad- had 5 hit singles, Fact.
Dangerous - is I believe MJ's best just had everything, ballads, to hooks, to beat, to funk, to lyrics to everything! but that's objective plain honest opinion
HIStory - oh I love this album, Lyrics wise this is the fiercest set-backs from Mike. 'Just makes me wanna scream' then Stranger in Moscow *bow*--I could understand this not being greatly appreciated because most tracks are his response to the tabloids!just effin it out lol haha ;)
Blood on The Dance Floor - this is a remix album with 4 new tracks and all I can say is the BEAT is INSANE! Morphine maybe painful to hear for most MJ fans due to the lyrical content but the beat! MJ never cease to amaze me!
Invincible - now I'm gonna make my stand on this album, I could agree that this somewhat failed on MJ standards regarding sales but 10million sales and #1 in almost 20+ country(fact)--c'mon now? few artist are able to pull that off nowadays. on the side note when I listen to Invincible I could always relate it to Dangerous but that just me

note: Thriller's not even on my Top 5 MJ album list so go figure.

Q-Tip Hosts MJ B-day Celebration.

I'm miles away from America but nothing will stop me from posting this coz' the poster is damn rad! anyways anyone stumble upon this and is living in the US well, mark your calendars or what not. haha :)

Q-Tip To Host Birthday Celebration For Michael Jackson This August

Hip Hop legend Q-Tip will host a birthday celebration for the King Of Pop this August.

August 29th would have been Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday. Celebration for Michael Jackson” at the NOKIA Theatre Times Square will see Q-Tip joined in the DJ booth by special invited guests Grammy award-winning producer/artist Mark Ronson and the legendary DJ Spinna.

“Michael Jackson was a huge influence on my music and was an inspiration to me and so many others. I want to bring people together to celebrate the man, his music and his legacy that will undoubtedly live on forever!” states Q-Tip.

Attendees will dance the night away to never-before-heard remixes of Michael Jackson’s hits, as well as rare video footage from the Motown and Sony vaults.

Q-Tip’s DJ skills, currently showcased at his party Open at Santos, have garnered a strong, diverse following. As Diddy told MTV earlier this year, “The hottest DJ in the game right now is Q-Tip. That right there is a DJ playing, taking you on a mind-traveling experience.”

Tickets for “Q-Tip Presents: Long Live the King! A Birthday Celebration for Michael Jackson” on Saturday, August 29, 2009 (10pm doors) are $25.00 and will go on sale Friday, July 31, 2009 at noon via / 800-745-3000, and at the NOKIA Theatre Times Square box office (44th and Broadway).

MJ| Voice training audio

Rawest raw you can get, there's nothing more wonderful than hearing a genius going raw! Damn powerful voice man. This is how great Michael for me - if they'll release this Vocal Training I would buy it.

Raw = Talent!

on the fun note I keep laughing my ass off, don't get me wrong this is a personal issue I have a friend who vocalizes and when I'm around am just putting him off coz' I would just laugh. haha so forgive me if your taking it the wrong way -- working progress on my part ;) Enough enjoy! ;)

'no no nO NO NO NO NO No No no--unless you want an apology' - LOL!

;is a cold' - vocalizing for the D.S. Track?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movies| John Carpenter Obsession?

This man already terrified me when I was 9 years old with his movie Vampires(1998). Now, I made a paper on him in which made me see the man behind camera, It amazes me how he can see this things and execute these issues lightly. I've watched almost half of his Filmography and I'm so hooked by how he sees things especially when he starts talking about Humanity and Society.

I watched his film They Live, the one thing I can tell you is that don't overlook this film coz' once you do your destroying the essence of the film. Then I continued my JC marathon with Prince of Darkness, oh this had layers after layers of issues tackled. The superb take on Quantum Physics, if there's God there's Ant-God, AIDS and poverty. All these, fuels me-- I may not be JC obsessed yet but man oh man is my admiration up there. Respect for the man, can't wait for his comeback, I hope it'll push through.

Here are some quotes that i totally dig:
"The real threat is that we lose our humanity. We don't care any more about the homeless. We don't care about anything, as long as we make money."
my comment: 'instead of calling ourselves 'The Generation' why not tag ourselves 'Degeneration' -- it's fitting.

from They Live
to quote Frank ' The Golden Rule: He who has gold makes the rules'

note: there are tons of great quite from carpenter films esp. in they live

Monday, July 27, 2009

MJ| Akon Tribute song "Cry Out for Joy"

Nice tribute song from Akon-- not really a fan but the lyrics heartfelt.
Really like the 3rd verse.

MJ| Awesome MJ Tribute

really rad tribute
simple things partnered with great Idea's always superb!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

MJ| The Truth!

(UK) Order book here.
(US) Order book here.
I'm sick of all the lies, allegations and speculations! once and for all TRUTH needs to be told. People should just STFU unless you've met the man and actually got to talk to him til' then just shut up!

here are some clips:

sick place we live in
and what all these for money

MJ| Sneakers

am going bankrupt! lol
so want this-if i end up having either I would wear it or just stare at it--probably stare at it! looool hahah

click pic for info
looks so cool daaaaaaamn

click pic for info
off the wall looks kick-ass
doesn't really look like Mike
am still loving it
click pic for info
oh,I'm loving this! I'm a sucker for white kicks
the only thing I don't digg is the 1958-2009(fan issue lol)

click pic for info
so 70' cute

check out the artist page
there are a lot of other cool sneakers

Music| Bass!

Finally some music I could dance too.
Thank you Michael for tickling my dancing bone again haha

Fun Fact: Michael made me into a frustrated dancer -- in a good way coz' am enjoying it

comment: it's amusing coz' this is an upbeat track, I can see the artist dancing but kinda seems that he's not really a 'dancer' I making sense lol anyways can't tell that much just seen a couple of his vids...well whatever just enjoy the vid ;)


MJ| Michael Jackson, The Philippines, and Me

a good article and a great read -- gaadd how I wish I was born in the 80's! *sigh*
Opinion: Michael Jackson, The Philippines, and Me
Published Jun 29, 2009 by ■ Paul Bright

As a military brat growing up in the Philippines, Michael Jackson's moonwalk had more than just an entertainment effect on my life.
It was 1984. I'm living in a third-world country. I have a nice house, but my neighbors live in straw huts. Our neighborhood is nice and clean, but some of the streets a few blocks over smell of garbage. I'm 10 years old and have almost infinitely more money than the boy next door, but by American standards our family is middle class. The differences on paper between my family and most in the neighborhood are staggering.
But one thing we had in common was Michael Jackson.
When "Thriller" hit it big, there were no more races left in the world. There were no more colors, no more classes, no more money. All you knew is that everyone was either going to learn all the moves to "Thriller", buy a jacket like the one he war in "Beat It", or figure out how to moonwalk. Many of us tried to sing like Michael Jackson. Every street vendor sold a "minus one" tape of Michael Jackson songs with no vocals so you could perfect your act. Books of lyrics to all the "Thriller" songs were hot, too. I spent many days lining out the bad English and correcting spellings and off-lyrics. You see where THAT got me!
Michael Jackson wasn't just music. When you lived in the Philippines as a military brat, it was a strange mix of being ahead and behind at once. We were close to Japan, so CDs and other neat technology was in our hands before the States. But the States knew what was hot six months before we did. There was no internet or cell phone technology to keep people in the loop. Yet Michael Jackson was hot at every time, all the time. He was our "connect". There wasn't anyone who wasn't a fan. There wasn't a boy who didn't twist an ankle or break his momma's vase practicing the moonwalk.
In fact, you've probably watched so many MJ videos by now and didn't realize you were tapping your feet. Your legs have spasmed a few times to "Smooth Criminal". Even the kids are high-kicking that left leg, tossing Skechers across the kitchen. You all, once again, have no colors or class. You are all quietly mourning in your heart, maybe not shedding a tear, but on the outside you are paying tribute by singing along and tapping that foot. Whatever you believe about him, whatever you think he did or didn't do, however he died, whatever his issues, remember that as magic as Michael was, he was human just like you. Yet his gift from God was to entertain, enlighten, perform, and give like no other. You all know it. That's why you are tapping that foot.
It is 1984 again.

Friday, July 24, 2009

He was smooth Jack.

What did Michael whisper into Diddy's ear when they met?

haha just haha loooool Mike.
that explains the full body hugs
Thanks to Diddy, man so nice to hear

to quote Diddy: 'He was smooth Jack.' --now that's the Michael I know ;)

MJ| Bury the Never Ending Myth of Jackson as Child Molester

Bury the Never Ending Myth of Jackson as Child Molester
Original Post here.
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Political Analyst and Social Issues Commentator
Posted: July 8, 2009 08:11 PM

Websites, blogs and chatrooms pulsed with garish cracks about it. Legions of commentators and news reporters snuck it in every chance they got. More than a few of Michael Jackson's fervent admirers and supporters made a dismissive reference to it. Even President Barack Obama in a cautious acknowledgment of Jackson's towering contributions to American music and artistry still made reference to the "tragedy" in Jackson's life which was a subtle nod to it. And New York Congressman Pete King skipped the niceties and flatly said it.

The "it" is the never ending myth of Jackson the child molester. It still hangs as a damning indictment that feeds the gossip mills and gives an arsenal of ammunition to Jackson detractors. This is not a small point. In the coming weeks, there will be a push to bestow official commemorative monuments, honors on and a national stamp for Jackson. The taint of scandal could doom these efforts to permanently memorialize Jackson.

The child molester myth doesn't rest on Jackson's trial and clean acquittal on multiple child abuse charges in a Santa Maria courthouse in June 2005. Only the most rabid Jackson loathers still finger point to that to taint Jackson. The myth of Jackson as child abuser rests squarely on the charge by a 13 year old boy a decade before the trial and the multi-million dollar settlement out of court. The settlement, then and now, feeds the suspicion that Jackson must have done something unsavory and probably criminal, or else why settle?

Sixteen years later, though, the facts remain unchanged. The charge that Jackson molested the boy was brought by the boy's father. In interviews the boy repeatedly denied the charges. This changed only after he was administered sodiumamytal, an invasive, mind altering drug that medical experts have frowned on and courts have disregarded in witness testimony.

Prosecutors, police departments and investigators in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara spent millions of dollars, convened two grand juries and probed nearly 200 witnesses that included 30 children, who knew Jackson to try to substantiate the charge. Not a single corroborating witness was found. Nonetheless, a motley group of disgruntled Jackson's former housekeepers, attendants and bodyguards still peddled the story to any media outlet willing to shell out the cash that Jackson had engaged in child sexual wrongdoing. Not one of the charges was confirmed. Typical was this exchange between one of Jackson's attorneys and one of the accusing bodyguards under oath:

"So you don't know anything about Mr. Jackson and [the boy], do you?" "All I know is from the sworn documents that other people have sworn to."

"But other than what someone else may have said, you have no firsthand knowledge about Mr. Jackson and [the boy], do you?"

"That's correct."

"Have you spoken to a child who has ever told you that Mr. Jackson did anything improper with the child?"


"Where did you get your impressions about Jackson's behavior?"

"Just what I've been hearing in the media and what I've experienced with my own eyes."

"Okay. That's the point. You experienced nothing with your own eyes, did you?"

"That's right, nothing."

When asked at the time about the charges against Jackson, child behavior experts and psychiatrists nearly all agreed that he did not fit the profile of a pedophile. They agreed that the disorder is progressive and there are generally not one but a trail of victims.

The myth of Jackson as child molester never hinged on evidence or testimony to substantiate it, but solely on the settlement. Why then did Jackson agree to it?

No charge stirs more disgust, revulsion, and pricks more emotional hot buttons than the charge of child molestation. The accusation stamps the Scarlet letter of doubt, suspicion, shame and guilt on the accused. The accused can never fully expunge it. There is simply no defense against it. Under the hyper intense media glare and spotlight that Jackson remained under, the allegation no mater how bogus would have been endless fodder for the public gossip mill. This would have wreaked irreparable damage on Jackson's ever shifting musical career and personal life.

A trial in Los Angeles in the racially charged backdrop of the Rodney King beating, the L.A. riots, and pulsating racial tensions in the mid-1990s would have been risky business. A trial in staid, upscale, and majority white, Santa Barbara County would have been even more risky.

Jackson and his attorneys knew that when it came to the charge of child molestation the presumption of innocence, or even actual innocence, is tossed out the window. Though Jackson did nothing wrong, a trial would have left him, his reputation and his career in shambles. The settlement was the only pragmatic, logical and legal way to end the sordid issue.

The settlement under extreme duress must not sully his name and place as an honored American icon. The myth of Jackson as child molester must finally be buried.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. His weekly radio show, "The Hutchinson Report" can be heard on weekly in Los Angeles onKTYM Radio 1460 AM and nationally on

Finally some facts and unbiased analysis.
It pains me so much that all these came out after Michael's death
as I've said many times over that I'm an Invincible era fan (2001) and I've experienced the whole MJ trial, not really a good MJ experience as a fan but you know what I got my family, friends and the whole media pointing out the reason why I should not Idolize this guy--the impact it had in me was the opposite it gave me a negative view on the world and just kept admiring this man.

A couple of jokes here and there is not bad, really I'm not blind with the whole Michael Jackson persona but for fuck sakes treat him as a human being.this sensationalism they had on him, the media world not wanting anything pro-Jackson--that's unbiased and injustice! Not to forget all those mother fuckers out there who believe every crap the media states! Fuck it's sickening to gut, it's complete ignorance and bigotry!
I'd like to quote Michael 'I can't believe this is the land from which I came' -- truly sad world we live in.

to all haters the more you bash him the more I admire this man so before you laugh your ass off thinking you've done it well eat my crap! 'Good art Never Dies and Legacy lives on'

Love is a Doughnut.

I swear I heard him sang 'Love is a doughnut'-- 3:00 mark. hear it for yourself :)
I'm loving the phrase it's so nonsense and is making me hungry. haha

Goosebumps back!

Finally! whew It sucks when your laptop can no longer accomodate your 24/7 sessions.
I'll be sleeping my ass off for quite sometime til' I pick-up my laptop and It'll be fresh and new then I'll have another 24/7 session then it'll break again then same thing happens so on..blah2 okay.

Moving on as I've said I'm happy I 'm able to sleep now, long-relaxed-sleep, thank you laptop for giving up on me you gave me rest now let yourself be repaired. I know what your thinking, I'm insane coz' I'm speaking to an inanimate object--forgive me. I'm still hiiiiiiiiiigh from what they were talking about and I tell you the goosebump's back!

It's been a while since I experience it now I'm bound to be a total wreck--countless of daydreaming...uhm, days...okay. I'm not complaining its just is. I know I'm not making sense right know...anways just felt like letting this emotion out, gadd I just miss this.

Monday, July 20, 2009

This is STILL It

posting sources here and just read the whole article!
I'm way to giddy to write the whole thing lol
Spetember - TV Special w/ various artist

To whoever wins the bid please please make a decent FILM! Let it be Michael.

LA Times Blog|Michael Jackson's rehearsal footage: everybody want it.
even I want the whole damn thing, 1,200 hours of footage! Daaaaaaaamn!

c'mon just BRING IT!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I just have the need to post this. *me smiling from ear to ear*

Basically the whole thing is just adorable. The reason why I'm a loyal MJ fan and stuck with this man til forever. Mike, I love you MOST! and that's forever. This vid is really helping, it, truly is a remedy it depletes the sad reality.

This one is just --just got me smiling. watch out for 2:05--and the crowd(ladies) goes wild. I'll date you too! ahahah

Love You Michael

Friday, July 17, 2009

MJ| Unreleased Track 'A Place With No Name'

Song Info:
A Place With No Name (1971/2000) (Dewey Bunnell, ???)
Michael Jackson
Cover Version of the 1972 hit single A Horse With No Name by America
Outtake of the album INVINCIBLE (2001)

The song -- "A Place with No Name" -- sounds similar to the song "A Horse with No Name" released by the group America back in 1971. We're told several years ago America's manager gave his group's permission for Jackson to record the song, "A Place with No Name" -- despite the similarity.

America's current manager, Jim Morey, who was also Michael's manager in the late 80's and early 90's, tells us, "The band was honored that Michael chose to do their song and they hope it becomes available for all Michael's fans to hear."

It's unclear when Michael recorded the song.

Note: This is a cover song before you start slamming this is a rip-off get your facts straight! It's a Cover!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

80s| Art Of Noise - Moments In Love

Intro is so @_@
the vid is so 80's it's just so out there and makes you WTF? lol
pretty cool-reliving the past ;)

Dance Like Michael Jackson

Dance Like Michael Jackson: Official MV: FarEast Movement, Wong Fu Prod. ft. Quest Dance Crew

Verse II -- awesome verse HAHA!;)
end some friggin kewl Breakdance.

Michael Jackson This Is It Audition

saw this rehearsal and again I heard the remix of 'Dangerous' & 'Smooth Criminal'--well it's been the usual combination but was surprised that they used the '1999Dangerous' version(refer to vid below)plus the unexpected addition of 'Why You Wanna Trip On Me'. seeing this vid just made me wonder what would This Is It be like, I'm sure that it's bound to blow our brains off but actually feeling it. Plus the stage and crisp audio quality not to mention Michael's presence that is some serious entertainment right there.

AEG I'm begging you please release the rehearsal footage ASAP! I don't care if you'd release all 100hours even if Mike's just standing there or sitting and just chewing his gum. I don't care I just wanna see the Man.

Here's the 1999Dangerous version I'm talking about. I've always been wondering why Michael didn't make a Music Video for this track, I mean he always performs this, not that I'm complaining but...just wondering.

Dangerous has been my favorite performance from Michael, I've seen the 1993, 1995 and 1999 versions, once I heard the remix(TII-2009) they did on the Dangerous performance, I was ready to bang my head! WHY? They had the usual 'You know You want me' part but they extended the Smooth Criminal they actually mashed it. gaddd I so want to see that I don't care if Mike's just standing there! SERIOUSLY I DON'T CARE!The music is alive enough to get on my feet and dance.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Mitchell Brothers - Michael Jackson

I remembered playing this song ahah first thought was 'oh cool' and now it's even cooler, I just have this urge to fucking learn that spin move. How I wish I could MOVE LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON.

three spins.....srsly I'd be a happy Marshmallow for like a decade or so...

LaToya| Home

I must admit, this is the first track I heard from LaToya and something hit me, damn the Jackson family can really sing. Why do I have to be born in the 90s? Why did I have to miss all of this? *sigh* This is really great track, LaToya's voice is soothing, the beat blends well, the lyrics don't even wanna read, not right now. Damn those tears kept rolling again...anyways song for Mike or not, this track is good.

Song Information

Released July 28, 2009
Recorded 2002
Genre Pop
Length 3:57 (Radio Edit), 4:44 (Album Version)
Label Ja-Tail Records, Bungalo Records
Producer Jeffré Phillips

OT|Additional Note:
I've always loved Buckethead or anyone who can fucking pick-up a guitar and just play and pour their heart out. I stumbled upon a post which led me to his website and I was shocked that Buckethead had MJ influence in him--well not really shocked but like Rock?A Guitarist? ok getting little naive here are there any rock artist that has MJ influence in 'em?
some really nice acoustic work :)

Quote from Mike saw this on MJJC (this was someone's siggy)
"I like to take sounds and put them under the microscope and talk about how we want to manipulate the character of it." ~Michael Jackson

this made me LAUGH my heart out,
c'mon Mike how can you even see a sound?lol
*sigh* love his humor

Finally 7hours and some Rant lol

It's almost two months since I've been clamoring about me, not able to sleep. Several weeks after, paranoia partnered with anxiety worsened the whole thing. I sought in Milk and Honey--Milk has whatever substance it has...but it is said that Milk helps put you to sleep so out of desperation I just did that It worked am not continuing it now and am doing pretty

Coincidentally on June 25, the tragic day, it's been reported that Michael suffered from insomnia and was asking for sedatives--that freaked me out coz' this kinda happened to me, well of course not as grave, I wasn't asking for sedatives...was just asking what can I do to sleep...coz' this is like my longest sleepless nights and am no longer happy and I was desperate to get some rest. I remembered forcing my mom to give me some herbal or like sleep aid tabs to help me sleep. I so thank my mom for not allowing me to take those meds. Keep in my mind: Meds are Bad!

Finally, last night, I dunno if I was so drained or exhausted because when my head hit pillow I was sleeping not like sleep-sleep, but like 'long-relaxed-sleep'.

so yay! for me I can finally sleep and for 3 days straight now I've been having MJ songs as my lullaby kinda like what I did when I was 10 :D I used to play Dangerous album often, I would always wait for 'Will You Be There' and 'Keep The Faith' Track I would feel really relaxed and just doze off. Also I've been saying that I'm an MJ Fanatic but to tell you the truth Thriller's not even on my top 5 album list.haha Just liked the album last night, was playing it the whole day.

To curious cats here's my top 5 MJ album:
1. Dangerous
2. Invincible
3. Blood On The Dance Floor
4. HIStory
5. Off The Wall

1-2-3 sometimes Invincible's #1..sometimes BOTDF's #1 lol
in case your wondering why Invincible's on my list because I'm an Invincible era fan and Yes, I completely disagree on what most critics are saying about Invincible, It's a 16track and 78minutes long album--Yes it's long but it's just shows that MJ's going all out, at the first place I wouldn't buy an album If you'll just give me 9/10 tracks tops. See that's why there's no record sales anymore artists just tend to make 10tracks, I'd rather download them, buying an album is expensive so when I'm buying it has to be worth every penny and not only that, I sacrificed my allowance just to buy a CD so yes 10 tracks is not enough! -- sharing my experience when I was 11, twas the year 2001.

now ya'll wondering why there's piracy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MJ| Craig Ferguson - Farewell, Michael Jackson

I've always loved Craig Ferguson.
Hilarious man and so is this
Respectful message for Mike too

Monday, July 13, 2009

Short Film| Mankind Is No Island

by Jason van Genderen

Winner of 2008 Tropfest NY
Touching Vid.

MJ| Action Figure

80's commercial of MJ Dolls lol hahah--want those damn dolls though ;)

Hot Toys MJ action Figure--me likey :D

want this.want this.want this....

Review Page here
^^som really nice screen caps :D

MJ| Sammy Davis Jr. Covers Bad lol

hahah funny. just watch

Sunday, July 12, 2009

MJ| Putting that Smile back II

watching this makes me forget the sad reality
this had me laughing and smiling from ear to ear :D

MJ| Beat It Comic Strip

created by ryclaude
Just click the strip on the left side or click here.

was really laughing my ass off.
I find it pretty cool
read it like your singing it and get a kick out of it
haha also imagine if you're watching the Beat It Music Video
Like the song the best part off this comic strip is also the Guitar Solo.

Just read it. hahaha

MJ| Wallpaper

created by marciopinheiro
oh this one just smart! hahaha kewl!

MJ| Remebering The King

nice colorization
by doobsitm


created by faureiana

not really striking for me but pretty much says it all
and only if the artist didn't use Jacko


Billie Jean

created by BalmungX1

**bow down**
two versions and the other one's tweaked
well, whatever both looks awesome

though seriously, If ya'll watched the MJ memorial the last scene where they played Man In The Mirror Instrumental and just dim the lights, spotlight on and then just the mic. That hurt! anyways some artist did an art, dunno if he did this before or after the memorial.
Also thank you for making this coz' I've hunting down an HQ cap for that particular scene.


Smooth Criminal
created by Kristine-Black

This pic is quite comforting just makes me think that Mike's retired
other that think of the sad fact.....

MJ| Shirt Fetish lol

kidding just want to wear this design.
srsly I'm getting obsessed with this pic of MJ so feirce 'Shamon!'lol
damn AEG made 'This Is It' Poster friggin kewl
so Iconic want it posted on every corner of my wall. so kewl!

**click pic for HQ**
created by meitantei

**click pic for HQ**
created by Mon0Lith

MJ| Shirt speaks the Truth!

I so want this shirt because
it speaks the truth!
order shirt here.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

MJ| King of Pop Pepsi Can

got it off Pepsi's Facebook page

was touched by this, after reading Time magazine's
special commemorative issue of MJ

check blog here
How cool is this?
Pepsi should release this coz' I'm buyin'

Friday, July 10, 2009

MJ| World Without Michael Jackson Has A Lot Less Magic In It

really nice article really great read
pointed out the reason why I grieved so
brighter side, I had a taste.

could someone please invent a time, now! hahah *sigh*

**click to read article**
A World Without Michael Jackson Has A Lot Less Magic In It
Future generations will never know what they missed, in Bigger Than the Sound.

By James Montgomery

MJ| Acoustic Cover

Found this way back before the incident lol and would like to share.
some really nice renditions.

The Way You Make Me Feel
nice sexy acoustic version--also I suggest watching MJ's performance,30th anniversary celebration with or w/o Britney, I prefer w/o--This acoustic cover always reminds me of the intro. What if Mike did an acoustic version gaaaaad.

Black or White
upbeat tempo and some nice vocals too.

Dirty Diana
the guitar is awesome, he played it on drop D--mostly bass frakin' awesome.

MJ| Putting that Smile back

This vid is really helping me cope up.
and damn I agree with Brooke Shields his smile is the sweetest smile ever.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MJ| Beyond Music is a Man of Greatness

**Warning: This is an OUT POUR**
very very long message hence the term used

The best work I made for the King!
Michael, Thank You for the inspiration.

It has been a more than a week since MJ's passing and I'm truly doing fine. I miss him yes especially when you throw in some facts of not seeing him again--OUCH but I know he's in a better place. All I'm saying is that! 45 years of work, pouring your heart out for the fans and to the world. It's now time for you to take that rest.No one can hurt you now.

The MJ memorial was truly an amazing, spectacular event, an event that is so moving in so man levels I can't help but cry and smile at the same time. I'm crying because you left this world too sudden, I'm smiling because your in a better place Moonwalking with God and angels. I used to dream and hope that one day I could experience your greatness and I was really happy when you announced your comeback, tagging it as the last and final curtain call I was a bit sad because it'll be your last but I was smiling because at least you're back, Sheer entertainment heading our way, in my time, my generation, Michael Jackson blowing brains off again.

All these came to an end on June 25, 2009. The world just stopped on that day, worls replaced by tears, the heartache I felt was so extreme the whole day was---up to this day I still have no words to describe the tragic event. Forget all that for now I see clearly why God has taken you away from us, The things you've endured through your life-- who knows what grave weight you're carrying but I do know that it's too much for one man to carry. I also knew that you fought and fought,never gave up, always trying to better your best and become great, even when you're already on top, being the greatest that you are, you still find ways to top your greatness, always in competition with yourself, proving your all even if you've done it thousand times over. This is why you're the greatest you just kept moving going and every step is better than before.

I'm proud to be a fan! I'm proud to have seen you perform, never seen you live, never met you but this is why I felt a huge lose like I lost someone close to me because your 'music' isn't just music-- it's a total out pour of your feelings and emotion combined with genius and creativity.

Tuning both CNN's TV and Internet coverage of the memorial, hearing different views, opinions and was glad that they cut Pete King's statement was glad that for once The Media had MJ's side on that, them talking about 'crossing the line' so nice to hear even for just two hours finally no haters except some who are saying shi!t on Facebook but couldn't care less. Fuck Them!

Last minute searches with regards MJ's body, hoping it'll be a close casket in which I'm glad that it remained close. I want to remember a happy and smiling MJ in my memory. Moving on, people started gathering outside staples center, CNN mentioned a somber feel to it, I was hoping that the memorial would be a little jaunty because I don't want to cry again. Yes the memorial turned out to be somber but it was so nice to see, so shocked to see the fans so well behaved lol except a few screams but If I was there I would scream my ass of with 'I love you Michael' and 'King of Pop forever'. When the memorial started, the body was in, I was so touched that the brothers carried the casket, I was glad because I'm not crying nor holding back my tears.

Loving the White gloves from the family--a touchy moment.

Smokey Robinson delivered a letter from Diana Ross, speech, then Maraiah Carey with Trey Lorenz singing 'I'll be There', followed by Da Queen! Queen Latifah delivering a wonderful poem 'We Had Him' written by Mary Angelou just made smile and 'awwwww'. Powerful performance from Lionel Richie 'Jesus is Love' Damn was he belting it out. Berry Gordy-- it's always good to hear Motown years. MJ montage nice to hear Mike's voice. Stevie Wonder got me teary eyed especially when he delivered the line "As much as we may feel that we need Michael here with us, God must have needed him far more."

Next up, LA's SHOWTIME, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant,(subjectively speaking I agree with both of 'em,MJ's influence is beyond music they maybe basketball players but they're inspired how MJ works and just really give it all.) Jennifer Hudson performs, one of my personal faves, 'Will You Be There'--this song did not give justice Tears kept pouring out, MJ's voice played and yes Mike, I've always been and will always be there. Al Sharpton people should really watch this part all I can say is amen Brotha' amen, "I want to say to Michael's children, there wasn't nothing strange about your daddy, it was strange what your daddy had to deal with."

John Mayer
mellowed down the tone (after that 'kick-ass' message from Rev. Sharpton) by performing 'Human Nature' (instrumental). Then major meltdown, Brooke Shields seeing her trembling, admiring her courage to speak, and even delivered a comic relief, We needed that treas were unstoppable. Her message from the 'Little Prince' did it, was already having a hard time breathing and whadd ya know Jermaine's up next singing 'Smile' which happens to be MJ's fave song *sigh* was really hard to smile--I tried. (Mike covered this song and in my opinion Jermaine's version is quite good -jazzy feel t it) Martin Luther King III and Bernice King threw in some inspiring statements--being the best of what you do.

Congress Woman Sheila Jackson
Lee the first part *hats off* edumaction for those who does not understand the constitution!Watch! Usher, man I like you as an artist, dancer, performer and after your performance 'Gone Too Soon' my respect for you just grew and You should sing ballads--those kind of ballads. Smokey Robinson takes the platform, The young talented Shaheen Jafargholi powerful vocals, we'll be seeing you soon kid. Kenny Ortega talking about MJ's rehearsal days bittersweet moment.

'We Are The World'
and 'Heal The World' I was actually glad that MJ's band sang it instead of the stars--I dunno how I can explain this but if your thinking otherwise I didn't mean it to sound was kinda like right for it. IMHO.

Heart wrenching.
Brothers takes the mic, sadness was evident.
Marlon's speech stings, I couldn't breathe plus his last message-- I needed a bucket.
was hoping for Janet to speak then suddenly realized paris wanted to speak up and when I saw them trying to adjust the mic, I'm like 'no, no I can't take it, I stood up faced the wall, heard her voice, and started deep breathing'....I know how much Michael loved his kids, I never met the man but seeing and hearing countless interviews him talking abut how he loved his kids just made me imagine what if I was in her situation and you know what I don't even wanna think about it.

After those heart wrenching messages from the family I though I can breathe, When I heard Man in The Mirror we were like 'nooo and awww' gadd, it was much worst, they dimmed the stage, turned on the spotlight and the mic just standing there--empty. My mind flashed an image of Michael performing and reality just kicked in - I can never see him perform again. Again I'm doing fine, it hurts still but 45 years, I repeat 45 years of competing with yourself, in your own league, proving all your worth, Mikey, you are the best entertainer that ever lived on this planet, Michael it's time for you to rest, Thank you for your Music and Inspiration.Your legacy will live forever.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MJ| Nice Article

Why We’ll Miss Michael

Posted Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:49pm PDT by David Marchese in The Spin Blog

Last Sunday morning on Meet the Press, host David Gregory asked Presidential advisor David Axelrod whether or not Obama planned to make any public statement about Michael Jackson's death. Axelrod explained that the President had reached out to the Jackson family privately. What current pop star's death will merit discussion about an Oval Office response? Probably not Lady Gaga's.

There is much that will be missed about Michael Jackson, but the Axelrod/Gregory exchange made me think about something specific underlying our collective grief: MJ was the last pop star we will all share. He was the last one to garner so much genre-, race, and class-transcending popularity that it feels appropriate for his death to register as a tragedy of Presidential importance. We have lost a common bond.

Changes in the music industry will ensure that bond stays broken. Due to increased genre fragmentation, the proliferation of illegal downloading, and the ongoing extinction of brick-and-mortar record stores, music simply doesn't sell like it did during Jackson's '80s heyday. For instance, last year's biggest selling album was Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III, which moved 2.88 million copies in the U.S. Josh Groban's Noel was 2007's top seller. It sold 3.7 million. By comparison, 1982's Thriller sold 28 million copies. Five years later Bad sold eight million. 1991's Dangerous, at seven million, was considered a mild sales disappointment.

But it wasn't business that made Jackson a cross-cultural icon--it was, of course, his music. At their best (think of "Billie Jean" or "Bad"), the songs were as catchy as the flu and funkier than a Bonnaroo port-a-potty. Their playful melodies made them approachable enough for the parents while their innovative production and stealthily paranoid sentiments made them radical enough for the kids. If you didn't like Michael Jackson, the problem wasn't with him.

Now, though, with the music world splintered into different radio formats, and blogs and websites making it easier for people to burrow into the hermetic hole of stuff they already enjoy, it's hard to imagine anyone again approaching Jacksonian levels of appeal. The conditions just aren't there.

I think that's unfortunate. Having a pop star we can all watch and talk about and listen to makes music feel more vital. Michael Jackson was living proof that music meant something--to me, to you, to everyone. That proof is gone now. And now we are all living a little further apart from one another.

See more at

MJ| The King Full Stop y Sway ...great lyrics

I do agree THE KING full stop.

the latter part of the song is the est part.

check out the YouTube channel to download the song.

best part

Jackson, Jackson,
The legend Michael Jackson,
Forever remember where you was when it happened,
Everybody staring at phones reading their flashes
In hope it was just a rumour and sooner well get the facts in.
Ill always remember the spot where I was standing
Exact same spot where I felt like collapsing.
Our relationship with music he has always been the captain
Even after confirmation it sunk, it never sank in.
The same year I was born Michael brought you Thriller.
Funny the 1st ever album that I was brought was Thriller.
Out of this world his moonwalk done brought us all together.
An important figure cant figure a human force thats bigger.
It wasnt right how the media handled Mike
Disgusting how theyre always discussing if he was black or white.
His mum was black, his dad was black so it aint rocket science to say hes black alright.
But that didnt matter to him, cause he was not racist.
Self proclaimed Bad thus he caught cases
There aint a smooth criminal without court cases.
Said he was touching, I said he was touching all nations,
Even before Dangerous hes like a thousand times bigger than rest
Rewind his tape like a thousand times Elvis was a great and Lennon was a Legend and Michael J was like both over a thousand times.
They said that his sales declined but after about 750 million whats left to yell about?
There aint a music act that doesnt owe Jacko, jack
So hes always gonna sell as long as theyre about
Watching his life was an honour and I dont mean no kinda disrespect to Madonna
But Michael was on a different level, and he adopted all of us in his songs
While he was trying to heal the world like a doctor.
I hope the money goes to the kids, as I hold these two O2 tickets. For his 50 date tour less than 50 days away so from his death at 50 wish he had 50 days more but never got half, pasted on the 25th of June and we should remember this day as his.
I believe he never left and he would never leave, never been a legend that lived that can ever breathe, never been a martyr that fought that can forever bleed, never been a leader that walked, that can forever lead, God will give him to us same God will to take him from us. Now hes in his rightful place cause he was so heavenly. All for one and one for all he made a song for all, so I put a copy of his Off The Wall on the wall.
My town misses him, your town misses him, everybody since motown misses him. Now when you think of him picture him standing on a stage with his hand up one glove glistening, whole world at a standstill listening anticipating his next move the King is him.
From age 5 and the days of J5 hes never took a break, no rest to take 5, therell never be a next the rest just aint Mike.
Time to pay our respects and watch the angels take flight
Out into the sky and never ever land, cos his house was in the sky and never, never never land.
Under all the pressure he never ever ran, hes the best forever damn, who dressed forever glam.
The biggest man on the planet, not just a brother to Janet, our thoughts go out to his family,
He gave his hearts to the fans and he paved the way for the future, still his flame is in you, cos he inspired song writers, record labels, producers,
They saying Michael Jackson was the King of Pop.
But Im saying he was the King full stop.
People saying Michael Jackson was the King of Pop,
but Im saying he was the King full stop.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

MJ| attempt to debunk Spin move

watched live in Bucharest for a millionth time lol. and was reminded by his incredible-awesome spin move 6 smooth spins w/o the 2 warm-up spins. ;) Freakin' Awesome!!
it intoxicates mo loooooooool hahah

Friday, July 3, 2009

Music| Chris Daughtry Poker Face (Cover)

it's not bad but dunno why I'm laughing.


EPIC! *bow* nuff said.
Guess digital world plus MJ will forever be a dream at least we had a taste. gadd the audio sounds awesome I'm ELECTRIFIED! and MJ is ELECTRIFYING.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Music| Beautiful MV Sneak Peak

Eminem's 'Beautiful' Sneak Peak
Video Premiere: July 3, 2009

I'm glad this is released as a single.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Californication| Hanky Dance-y

June 29, 2009
Hank spuns and goes 'round and 'round lol

Check it out Here.

Better On The Other Side MV

headed off to twitter saw Diddy' post and here's the MV ya'll enjoy.

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