Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movies| John Carpenter Obsession?

This man already terrified me when I was 9 years old with his movie Vampires(1998). Now, I made a paper on him in which made me see the man behind camera, It amazes me how he can see this things and execute these issues lightly. I've watched almost half of his Filmography and I'm so hooked by how he sees things especially when he starts talking about Humanity and Society.

I watched his film They Live, the one thing I can tell you is that don't overlook this film coz' once you do your destroying the essence of the film. Then I continued my JC marathon with Prince of Darkness, oh this had layers after layers of issues tackled. The superb take on Quantum Physics, if there's God there's Ant-God, AIDS and poverty. All these, fuels me-- I may not be JC obsessed yet but man oh man is my admiration up there. Respect for the man, can't wait for his comeback, I hope it'll push through.

Here are some quotes that i totally dig:
"The real threat is that we lose our humanity. We don't care any more about the homeless. We don't care about anything, as long as we make money."
my comment: 'instead of calling ourselves 'The Generation' why not tag ourselves 'Degeneration' -- it's fitting.

from They Live
to quote Frank ' The Golden Rule: He who has gold makes the rules'

note: there are tons of great quite from carpenter films esp. in they live

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