Sunday, July 12, 2009

MJ| Remebering The King

nice colorization
by doobsitm


created by faureiana

not really striking for me but pretty much says it all
and only if the artist didn't use Jacko


Billie Jean

created by BalmungX1

**bow down**
two versions and the other one's tweaked
well, whatever both looks awesome

though seriously, If ya'll watched the MJ memorial the last scene where they played Man In The Mirror Instrumental and just dim the lights, spotlight on and then just the mic. That hurt! anyways some artist did an art, dunno if he did this before or after the memorial.
Also thank you for making this coz' I've hunting down an HQ cap for that particular scene.


Smooth Criminal
created by Kristine-Black

This pic is quite comforting just makes me think that Mike's retired
other that think of the sad fact.....

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