Friday, July 24, 2009

Goosebumps back!

Finally! whew It sucks when your laptop can no longer accomodate your 24/7 sessions.
I'll be sleeping my ass off for quite sometime til' I pick-up my laptop and It'll be fresh and new then I'll have another 24/7 session then it'll break again then same thing happens so on..blah2 okay.

Moving on as I've said I'm happy I 'm able to sleep now, long-relaxed-sleep, thank you laptop for giving up on me you gave me rest now let yourself be repaired. I know what your thinking, I'm insane coz' I'm speaking to an inanimate object--forgive me. I'm still hiiiiiiiiiigh from what they were talking about and I tell you the goosebump's back!

It's been a while since I experience it now I'm bound to be a total wreck--countless of daydreaming...uhm, days...okay. I'm not complaining its just is. I know I'm not making sense right know...anways just felt like letting this emotion out, gadd I just miss this.

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