Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MJ| Beyond Music is a Man of Greatness

**Warning: This is an OUT POUR**
very very long message hence the term used

The best work I made for the King!
Michael, Thank You for the inspiration.

It has been a more than a week since MJ's passing and I'm truly doing fine. I miss him yes especially when you throw in some facts of not seeing him again--OUCH but I know he's in a better place. All I'm saying is that! 45 years of work, pouring your heart out for the fans and to the world. It's now time for you to take that rest.No one can hurt you now.

The MJ memorial was truly an amazing, spectacular event, an event that is so moving in so man levels I can't help but cry and smile at the same time. I'm crying because you left this world too sudden, I'm smiling because your in a better place Moonwalking with God and angels. I used to dream and hope that one day I could experience your greatness and I was really happy when you announced your comeback, tagging it as the last and final curtain call I was a bit sad because it'll be your last but I was smiling because at least you're back, Sheer entertainment heading our way, in my time, my generation, Michael Jackson blowing brains off again.

All these came to an end on June 25, 2009. The world just stopped on that day, worls replaced by tears, the heartache I felt was so extreme the whole day was---up to this day I still have no words to describe the tragic event. Forget all that for now I see clearly why God has taken you away from us, The things you've endured through your life-- who knows what grave weight you're carrying but I do know that it's too much for one man to carry. I also knew that you fought and fought,never gave up, always trying to better your best and become great, even when you're already on top, being the greatest that you are, you still find ways to top your greatness, always in competition with yourself, proving your all even if you've done it thousand times over. This is why you're the greatest you just kept moving going and every step is better than before.

I'm proud to be a fan! I'm proud to have seen you perform, never seen you live, never met you but this is why I felt a huge lose like I lost someone close to me because your 'music' isn't just music-- it's a total out pour of your feelings and emotion combined with genius and creativity.

Tuning both CNN's TV and Internet coverage of the memorial, hearing different views, opinions and was glad that they cut Pete King's statement was glad that for once The Media had MJ's side on that, them talking about 'crossing the line' so nice to hear even for just two hours finally no haters except some who are saying shi!t on Facebook but couldn't care less. Fuck Them!

Last minute searches with regards MJ's body, hoping it'll be a close casket in which I'm glad that it remained close. I want to remember a happy and smiling MJ in my memory. Moving on, people started gathering outside staples center, CNN mentioned a somber feel to it, I was hoping that the memorial would be a little jaunty because I don't want to cry again. Yes the memorial turned out to be somber but it was so nice to see, so shocked to see the fans so well behaved lol except a few screams but If I was there I would scream my ass of with 'I love you Michael' and 'King of Pop forever'. When the memorial started, the body was in, I was so touched that the brothers carried the casket, I was glad because I'm not crying nor holding back my tears.

Loving the White gloves from the family--a touchy moment.

Smokey Robinson delivered a letter from Diana Ross, speech, then Maraiah Carey with Trey Lorenz singing 'I'll be There', followed by Da Queen! Queen Latifah delivering a wonderful poem 'We Had Him' written by Mary Angelou just made smile and 'awwwww'. Powerful performance from Lionel Richie 'Jesus is Love' Damn was he belting it out. Berry Gordy-- it's always good to hear Motown years. MJ montage nice to hear Mike's voice. Stevie Wonder got me teary eyed especially when he delivered the line "As much as we may feel that we need Michael here with us, God must have needed him far more."

Next up, LA's SHOWTIME, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant,(subjectively speaking I agree with both of 'em,MJ's influence is beyond music they maybe basketball players but they're inspired how MJ works and just really give it all.) Jennifer Hudson performs, one of my personal faves, 'Will You Be There'--this song did not give justice Tears kept pouring out, MJ's voice played and yes Mike, I've always been and will always be there. Al Sharpton people should really watch this part all I can say is amen Brotha' amen, "I want to say to Michael's children, there wasn't nothing strange about your daddy, it was strange what your daddy had to deal with."

John Mayer
mellowed down the tone (after that 'kick-ass' message from Rev. Sharpton) by performing 'Human Nature' (instrumental). Then major meltdown, Brooke Shields seeing her trembling, admiring her courage to speak, and even delivered a comic relief, We needed that treas were unstoppable. Her message from the 'Little Prince' did it, was already having a hard time breathing and whadd ya know Jermaine's up next singing 'Smile' which happens to be MJ's fave song *sigh* was really hard to smile--I tried. (Mike covered this song and in my opinion Jermaine's version is quite good -jazzy feel t it) Martin Luther King III and Bernice King threw in some inspiring statements--being the best of what you do.

Congress Woman Sheila Jackson
Lee the first part *hats off* edumaction for those who does not understand the constitution!Watch! Usher, man I like you as an artist, dancer, performer and after your performance 'Gone Too Soon' my respect for you just grew and You should sing ballads--those kind of ballads. Smokey Robinson takes the platform, The young talented Shaheen Jafargholi powerful vocals, we'll be seeing you soon kid. Kenny Ortega talking about MJ's rehearsal days bittersweet moment.

'We Are The World'
and 'Heal The World' I was actually glad that MJ's band sang it instead of the stars--I dunno how I can explain this but if your thinking otherwise I didn't mean it to sound was kinda like right for it. IMHO.

Heart wrenching.
Brothers takes the mic, sadness was evident.
Marlon's speech stings, I couldn't breathe plus his last message-- I needed a bucket.
was hoping for Janet to speak then suddenly realized paris wanted to speak up and when I saw them trying to adjust the mic, I'm like 'no, no I can't take it, I stood up faced the wall, heard her voice, and started deep breathing'....I know how much Michael loved his kids, I never met the man but seeing and hearing countless interviews him talking abut how he loved his kids just made me imagine what if I was in her situation and you know what I don't even wanna think about it.

After those heart wrenching messages from the family I though I can breathe, When I heard Man in The Mirror we were like 'nooo and awww' gadd, it was much worst, they dimmed the stage, turned on the spotlight and the mic just standing there--empty. My mind flashed an image of Michael performing and reality just kicked in - I can never see him perform again. Again I'm doing fine, it hurts still but 45 years, I repeat 45 years of competing with yourself, in your own league, proving all your worth, Mikey, you are the best entertainer that ever lived on this planet, Michael it's time for you to rest, Thank you for your Music and Inspiration.Your legacy will live forever.


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