Thursday, July 16, 2009

Michael Jackson This Is It Audition

saw this rehearsal and again I heard the remix of 'Dangerous' & 'Smooth Criminal'--well it's been the usual combination but was surprised that they used the '1999Dangerous' version(refer to vid below)plus the unexpected addition of 'Why You Wanna Trip On Me'. seeing this vid just made me wonder what would This Is It be like, I'm sure that it's bound to blow our brains off but actually feeling it. Plus the stage and crisp audio quality not to mention Michael's presence that is some serious entertainment right there.

AEG I'm begging you please release the rehearsal footage ASAP! I don't care if you'd release all 100hours even if Mike's just standing there or sitting and just chewing his gum. I don't care I just wanna see the Man.

Here's the 1999Dangerous version I'm talking about. I've always been wondering why Michael didn't make a Music Video for this track, I mean he always performs this, not that I'm complaining but...just wondering.

Dangerous has been my favorite performance from Michael, I've seen the 1993, 1995 and 1999 versions, once I heard the remix(TII-2009) they did on the Dangerous performance, I was ready to bang my head! WHY? They had the usual 'You know You want me' part but they extended the Smooth Criminal they actually mashed it. gaddd I so want to see that I don't care if Mike's just standing there! SERIOUSLY I DON'T CARE!The music is alive enough to get on my feet and dance.

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