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Michael Jackson`s `Dangerous` Stands Up As One Of His Best Albums Ever!

Michael Jackson`s `Dangerous` Stands Up As One Of His Best Albums Ever!
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my thoughts: Exactly! Totally agree with what the author says, Dangerous is my favorite album from Michael. Let me break it down for you
I could listen to it without the audio coz' the beats are insane
I could listen to it raw --who is it beat box anyone?? lol
I could listen to it on Acapella- will you be there? keep the faith? gone to soon?
raw-stripped or just play the whole thing!
Dangerous is the BEST album!

I could go on and on praising this album although I could one negative I don't dig 'Gone Too Soon' it's depresses me before and with the tragedy it's painful but thanks to Usher with his wonderful cover I can now listen to it without tearing up.

Fave Tracks from Dangerous: In The Closet, Who Is It, Keep The Faith and the ever so great Track Will You Be There!

now I love discussing and debating to whoever saying that after Thriller Mike has been struggling to have a another thriller type success coz' I beg to differ-greatly and strongly!

The only thing I could give you is the 'commercial success of Thriller' but talking hits and artistic-wise Thriller's been toppled down.

Bad- had 5 hit singles, Fact.
Dangerous - is I believe MJ's best just had everything, ballads, to hooks, to beat, to funk, to lyrics to everything! but that's objective plain honest opinion
HIStory - oh I love this album, Lyrics wise this is the fiercest set-backs from Mike. 'Just makes me wanna scream' then Stranger in Moscow *bow*--I could understand this not being greatly appreciated because most tracks are his response to the tabloids!just effin it out lol haha ;)
Blood on The Dance Floor - this is a remix album with 4 new tracks and all I can say is the BEAT is INSANE! Morphine maybe painful to hear for most MJ fans due to the lyrical content but the beat! MJ never cease to amaze me!
Invincible - now I'm gonna make my stand on this album, I could agree that this somewhat failed on MJ standards regarding sales but 10million sales and #1 in almost 20+ country(fact)--c'mon now? few artist are able to pull that off nowadays. on the side note when I listen to Invincible I could always relate it to Dangerous but that just me

note: Thriller's not even on my Top 5 MJ album list so go figure.

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