Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LaToya| Home

I must admit, this is the first track I heard from LaToya and something hit me, damn the Jackson family can really sing. Why do I have to be born in the 90s? Why did I have to miss all of this? *sigh* This is really great track, LaToya's voice is soothing, the beat blends well, the lyrics don't even wanna read, not right now. Damn those tears kept rolling again...anyways song for Mike or not, this track is good.

Song Information

Released July 28, 2009
Recorded 2002
Genre Pop
Length 3:57 (Radio Edit), 4:44 (Album Version)
Label Ja-Tail Records, Bungalo Records
Producer Jeffré Phillips

OT|Additional Note:
I've always loved Buckethead or anyone who can fucking pick-up a guitar and just play and pour their heart out. I stumbled upon a post which led me to his website and I was shocked that Buckethead had MJ influence in him--well not really shocked but like Rock?A Guitarist? ok getting little naive here are there any rock artist that has MJ influence in 'em?
some really nice acoustic work :)

Quote from Mike saw this on MJJC (this was someone's siggy)
"I like to take sounds and put them under the microscope and talk about how we want to manipulate the character of it." ~Michael Jackson

this made me LAUGH my heart out,
c'mon Mike how can you even see a sound?lol
*sigh* love his humor

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