Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally 7hours and some Rant lol

It's almost two months since I've been clamoring about me, not able to sleep. Several weeks after, paranoia partnered with anxiety worsened the whole thing. I sought in Milk and Honey--Milk has whatever substance it has...but it is said that Milk helps put you to sleep so out of desperation I just did that It worked am not continuing it now and am doing pretty

Coincidentally on June 25, the tragic day, it's been reported that Michael suffered from insomnia and was asking for sedatives--that freaked me out coz' this kinda happened to me, well of course not as grave, I wasn't asking for sedatives...was just asking what can I do to sleep...coz' this is like my longest sleepless nights and am no longer happy and I was desperate to get some rest. I remembered forcing my mom to give me some herbal or like sleep aid tabs to help me sleep. I so thank my mom for not allowing me to take those meds. Keep in my mind: Meds are Bad!

Finally, last night, I dunno if I was so drained or exhausted because when my head hit pillow I was sleeping not like sleep-sleep, but like 'long-relaxed-sleep'.

so yay! for me I can finally sleep and for 3 days straight now I've been having MJ songs as my lullaby kinda like what I did when I was 10 :D I used to play Dangerous album often, I would always wait for 'Will You Be There' and 'Keep The Faith' Track I would feel really relaxed and just doze off. Also I've been saying that I'm an MJ Fanatic but to tell you the truth Thriller's not even on my top 5 album list.haha Just liked the album last night, was playing it the whole day.

To curious cats here's my top 5 MJ album:
1. Dangerous
2. Invincible
3. Blood On The Dance Floor
4. HIStory
5. Off The Wall

1-2-3 sometimes Invincible's #1..sometimes BOTDF's #1 lol
in case your wondering why Invincible's on my list because I'm an Invincible era fan and Yes, I completely disagree on what most critics are saying about Invincible, It's a 16track and 78minutes long album--Yes it's long but it's just shows that MJ's going all out, at the first place I wouldn't buy an album If you'll just give me 9/10 tracks tops. See that's why there's no record sales anymore artists just tend to make 10tracks, I'd rather download them, buying an album is expensive so when I'm buying it has to be worth every penny and not only that, I sacrificed my allowance just to buy a CD so yes 10 tracks is not enough! -- sharing my experience when I was 11, twas the year 2001.

now ya'll wondering why there's piracy.

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