Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Recently new RDJ convert. Now looking forward to this movie remake so far I'm loving the trailer plus Jude Law is surprisingly funny (I know he played witty characters but as Watson he's kinda different) anyways that's assuming off the trailer but you can't really assume anything on 2min clip. Rachel McAdams, guilty of typecasting her but I'll try my best to ignore Regina George.

Not really fond of remakes but this is a Guy Ritchie Film and Robert Downey,Jr. is in and I have been following their career's so I'd be a happy hypocrite for this movie, Can't wait for the mean time here's the Official Trailer.

added note: I'm on a Bromance streak so am hoping Holmes(RDJ) and Watson(Jude Law) would land on my list ;)

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