Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Filmmakers: Who to write

Another blast from the past. Had our first meeting in our major class. Sat through the basics, introduction, course outline, blah blah...so on and so fort. By the end of the discussion, our professor said that our project is going to be a historical research, about filmmakers that made an impact or changed the way for cinema today. so I had Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock(doi) in mind, Ruling out my options into one, I landed on none of the three gents I mentioned. Still had a debate between him and John Landis, whom did I chose, of course the one and the only Master of Horror, John Carpenter.

Why not Kubrick, saw his films liked em' but just don't want to make a paper about him, other thing my classmate got him already. Martin Scorsese, love his works, but I want someone else, Alfred Hitchcock, true genius, felt too much if I'll write my paper on him...don't wanna miss out any facts- in short don't want to mess up a legend.

I stumbled upon John Carpenter, saw his list of films, besides, Halloween, the Fog and the others and all other classics. Though for a while and ding John Landis, I know this guy coz' I love love love Blues Brothers and of course as an MJ fan, who cannot know this man shall perish (kidding) you get what I mean ( Thriller Video & Black or White Video, hello?) Animal House, Twilight Zone need I say more? Anyways I didn't choose John Landis because I already know him, I want to broaden my knowledge on other directors too.

John Carpenter,why not Wes Craven? I'll tell you why plain and simple, I love Scream,I love Fred Krueger, love 'Nightmare on Elm Street', brilliant storytelling, brilliant idea, brilliant concept and what better way to scare people is to let them not feel safe -- disturb their sleep, I mean haunt them on their sleep, but why John Carpenter?? who's the original, who's pioneer of the slasher genre -- John Carpenter. who has dozens of films that says it's a cult classic? him, him, him. Halloween, The Thing, The Fog and the lists goes on.

I know he's gone down the spiral since the 90's, well most people says, but in my opinion this guy still has it, this is coming from the new generation and (not fond of remakes). First Carpenter Film I saw-- Vampires. I was 9 years old when I saw it, I was so terrified,that for a week or more I slept facing the window, hands covering my neck. (and week before that I saw stigmata and the exorcist didn't scare me at all)still had a fresh image of that coz' today I laughed at myself on why I was so terrified by Vampires they don't even exist form where I live. lol

Question: am I the only one who actually liked this film? and totally find this film kick-ass, James Wood was so good, so cool, so kick ass, I, myself wanted to chop some vampire heads.

To all the haters...
few filmmakers can make more than 5 films that says 'cult classic', Two disappointing films(a lot says 'Vampires' & 'Ghost from Mars'--I beg to differ,GFM a bit meh when compared to his films but actually liked it) can't erase his past -- remarkable, horrifying films that terrorized our TV Screens.

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