Monday, May 25, 2009

Hell Shoot: Laguna

This is a late entry. May 19,2009
My second experience in a real production setting. This time a production for a music video, worked with UP graduates students. Nice, Kind, friendly people (I'm not just saying it).

Had a Photography 101 with Mai, thank you.

Had witness the Jaguar, new model, not yet released in the Philippines, even the
director was mesmerized by it. lol Spent half the day just shooting the car around.

The on lactation was in Laguna, an hour or more drive from Metro Manila. In Tokyo Mansion.

This was a nice dreadful experience not the shoot but my personal physical situation. No sleep for almost 5 days. After graduating from my intense summer workshop, I helped my sister's project and that's my 5 sleepless nights, It happens to be my last day in Bacolod so I had to visit my sister in Iloilo,Overnight, finished her project, went back to Bacolod, to catch my flight back to Manila. I thought I could spend my time in m bed but what do you know, I got a text from my classmate informing about this shoot and filling for her coz' she's sick. So I agreed. They told me call time was 4am--never in m life I hated punctuality--was there on the meeting place at 3am waited til' 7am coz' the cam department had problems.

Spent a whole day on the shoot, we finished at around 6am in the morning, It was our first day of school, thank goody, my first class is at noon, so I had an 2hours of sleep.

Question: would I put myself in this experience again? Yes, I could always hate me when I'm already there.

**I took those pictures, If it's not allowed please inform me I'll take it down**

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