Wednesday, May 6, 2009

hell shoot and cure for insomnia?

I knew my summer's going to be crap, and it is, because have a one month summer and what did I do enrolled myself into a workshop. We had a production going on, It was continuous tiring efforts from all departments. Still after an exhausting week I was able to emit a smile, and a light feeling within. Don't want to sound so dramatic or cinematic (how can one be cinematic??lol) but even though it is stressful I don't mind doing it again over and over.

I have some inner hatred with some of the guys I worked with but to hell with them, I'm training myself to be a pacifist unless, provoked so for now I'll just zipped my mouth. though I must admit it's tempting *insert devil laugh*

anyways we had a mock shoot. we compressed the time making it a one day shoot, It's my fist experience in a real production setting with professionals guiding us so it was real fun. except for a couple of guys that triggered my nerve-endings, anyways I have respect for them so say no more

the following day, it was weekend we had a two day shoot, it was tiring, it was hell, we would wake up early in the morning and from then on it was all work up til midnight. Following day we took lightly, little slow in the production and wrapped around 7pm, less tiring than the 1st production and the 1st night. I came home, as my head hit the pillow, less than 5minutes I'm snoring my way to the nest day.

added note: Finally I have finally found a cure for my insomnia nights -- exhaustion! haha lol

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