Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love in Venice Beach| Liebe im Vendeg Strand

I could never get enough of this picture, I mean truly, I just can't, I don't know the exact I missing Hank?, in need of Califonication season 3? or it's just plain cute? I prefer the third reason, the pic is extremely cute. Now I don't care if it's a gay scene, I don't wanna think it's DD and Kevin, I want to see it as Hank and his 'buddy'.

This is really not helping, I'm so salivating for season 3 right now, season 2 was really a fantabulous run, Hank and Janie, Hank and Lew(Bromance) and The Great Ashby alone?? could I ask for more,no! but with this yes, call me greedy, I want some Venice Lovin'.NOW!

more pics at also other xfiles related stuff. knock yourselves out ;)

note: 'Liebe im Vendeg Strand' that's the German translation of Love in Venice Beach, feel free to correct me if it's wrong
, forgive I'm just obsessed with the German language.

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