Monday, June 1, 2009

Hallway Scene OBAMICON| No Damn Bee!

check this out I mean how hot is this?
non-philes couldn't relate so don't bother wasting your time lol don't worry I'll edumacate you. haha

and yes Frak that damn Bee.

If you want join the group. just for fun.

To all curious cats...
Here's the video I'm talking about
It's an outtake from the X-Files:Fight The Future(1998) movie.

Second Version *ahem* seeing more 'into' the action.

To fully understand shipper's frustration watch the whole thing and wait for the infamous Hallway Scene (mid part), if you're attached you might as well curse the mere existence of bees.

there are two outtakes coming from the 1998 Film here's the first outtake.
'Up Against The Wall' - you'll figure it out after watching the vid.

  • after 16 years, July 25, 2008, was the first well-lit-daylight kiss. No Damn Bee but damn the Camera Angle!
  • after 10 frustrating years, FTF deleted kiss was included in the Blu-Ray version.
**will probably post an IWTB Tease Frustration**
** now don't get me started on M&S Kamasutra**
**see, I told you TXF is secretley pornography**
**am I The only who believe it**

on my secretly pornography comment check this entry from this site.
Great Read and Fun Review of the show.
Mulder's Big Adventure

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