Saturday, June 20, 2009

XF3 campaign| (Sh)erock(in') it

My apologies for not including this on my previous post, I stumbled upon it and post it here immediately. She has always amazed with her vids so it's time for you guys to be amazed too. It's simple Check it OUT. ;)

by erockfurnia

Also worth mentioning is her video,which happens to be the first video I saw from her,
IWTB| Love Remains The Same by Gavin Rossdale
this is quite sentimental, because I went and watched Nights in Rodanthe, Diane Lane and Richard Gere are on my fave list, and the soundtrack, 'Love Remains The Same' is the reason why I loved this film...well, the book was better but still liked the film. Her take on Mulder and Scully was just really emotional, the music suits the MSR. The scenes she used, Scully's line on the 'The Truth' frak that was powerful! *bow* all of the sudden I'm running out of air, that was some emotion right there! I could go on and on praising it...and You better watch it.

Check out erockfurnia's site.
erock studio
while you're there check out her other works too

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