Friday, June 26, 2009

.Michael Jackson.

truly the most tragic event that happened in my life.
I'm still in shock, no words can describe how I feel.
I don't even know how to react.
Half me wants to believe that it's all a dream, a joke.
Part of me is at ease that MJ is in a better place. Finally he's off from tabloids and other loads crap!
but the most part, I just can't believe that I can no longer see & hear MJ sing, even for the last time.

It's too soon, too sudden.

He's few weeks away from his comeback tour, was looking forward to it, anticipating...and bam.
It's really hurting.... I've tried to distract myself with things, school went on smoothly but now, I'm here on my own, the pain stings. It really hurts!

My message:
Mike, I know you're in a better place.
I'd like to thank you for your Music.
Truly an inspiration.
I may not been a fan since day one but the day I became one, you have been a part of my life 9 years running and that would be 'til eternity.
Your my influence even this blog site bears it. The number 29 that's yours right there.
Maybe that's why I just can't stop this tears from moved me.
as corny as it sounds I don't care.
I don't even give a damn that you don't know me.
Here I am a stranger to you, loving and admiring you.

One Man can make a difference and that's you.
We've been over this a million, billion times.
I don't care what people say about you, what people think about you.
I listen to Music without prejudice!
Music is YOU.

Mike, you will be truly missed but I'm certain your music will live forever.
almost 4 generations and that wouldn't stop there!

I love you.
King of Pop.
King of Music.
The Legend.
The Greatest.

Rest In Peace Michael.

To all MJ Fans:
I've always loved the MJ community and always will be.
I love you guys.
Let's have this whole day for grief and sorrow,
let everything out
and after this day,
Let's kick it right back up.

06.25.09| The day I'll mourn forever.
don't take this the wrong-depressing way, what I meant with my statement is that, MJ has a place in my heart, it's a great loss, that's why I'll always mourn, but not longing kind of way, it's just that it's such a great loss, too many personal factors involve that I doubt it'll get fixed.


kiwikaneesha said...

awww, fish.. reading this post really made me want to cry. dude i don't want to sound corny but i felt what you felt.. this whole afternoon, i just thought of this tragic happening and i really felt that even though i'm not an MJ fan, still i felt that something is missing *this is not a joke*.. now that he's gone i felt that there's like a really huge hole in the industry of music, something is definitely missing and it's MJ.. i agree with you, it's just too soon. i even remembered you telling me that you're excited about MJ's comeback and now this.. i understand how you feel and i understand how every avid MJ fan is feeling right now. i admire you guys and let's all just pray for MJ's peace.. he's in a much better place now.. =)

amrice said...

oi soapy, thanks. it's still surreal for me. I Really don't wanna get emotional but you can't help if your heart wants to weep, gawd I have never sound this emotional before, ever. There is and has been a huge whole when MJ left the music biz. IMHO it was just different except indie bands and Artists who actually play instruments not just push buttons and shit.

gah the London Tour is the reason why I'm so down. It's just few days away. That was my chance, our generation's chance to witness A Living Legend Perform. dang I just want to experience an MJ Phenomenon.... I guess you can't really get what you want.

Thank you, again your message made me cry...again hahah

RIP Mike.

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