Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Music| Heavy Metal Stripped and Orchestrating

At school killing time and not working on my assignment which is due today...man I gotta get things straight...poop

Just finished my endless research paper and hopefully I gave justice to John Carpenter, after choosing him as my topic I not only like this guy but totally admiring him now. anyways not the point of my post (just worth mentioning) as I've said thanks to Twisted Sister's new song '30' I'm back to heavy metal genre.

All of a sudden, out of frustration form my endless paper, I need some music to help me unwind and shit, then my purty lil' mind started playing Scorpion's Hurricane. searched it on YouTube and clicked the 1st vid and boom am full blown reliving my 80's Heavy Metal session.

Scorpions| Hurricane
Heavy Metal + Orchestra = MUSIC GENIUS!

Thus, triggered my 'Metal' bone...what??
Look what I found....Heavy Metal Stripped....down to acoustics haha

Def Leppard| Pour Some Sugar on Me

Def Leppard| Hysteria

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