Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nostalgia| Missing Banana Days

Looking for a particular video and hunting down 'Tom' whom in fact when I was 12, it was summer of 2003, where in I first practiced my sleep deprivation lol due to Discussion of naners by that I mean The Banana Phenomenon. lol

It would go on and on for three consecutive days, I still remember that 1st night was about the banana's having a party and the second night was downright serious business related lol, the third night was a mixture of both. ;)

Gaaaad, I just miss the MJNO boards so much. *sigh*

I'll remember it always because it's the first fan club I joined, it was British based MJ fan club and oh the glory of the Gold Pants section. ahahaha *wait a moment for laughter* The Caption thread....the table thing 'ITC'...hahah *sigh* memories

anyways, can't find the site either of the dancing bananas dancing to a techno tune. Here's PBJ Time. Have Fun Wasting your time lol

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