Monday, June 1, 2009

XF3 Campaign| Awesomeness and Cuteness?lol

XF3 campaign is on going hopefully will get one more. No I believe in the future. XF3. anyways here are some frigginly cute vids for the campaign by the talented vidder Philes (this is not helping at all just makes me want XF3 now-so baaaaaaad) :((
I miss M&S already, 9 season's and 2 movies aren't enough they're too cute.

for more infoXF3 campaign - BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE.

For Pinoy Philes you could help out in the campaign. to Philes or NON-Philes.
Help us Make it Happen!.click for details

XPhiles take on the MasterCard "We Want The Funk" Commercial. XF style lol
The 2 Grand Daddies of Cuteness

by AdaPiper

by anelissetno1

Here are the rest of the vids:
another from anelisstno1

**I'll say powerful.** gah this relationship is to die for...Romeo and Juliet who???


by XFyellowbee

by XFChemist

by beyondtheseait
**hate the song but anything with, tub, Speedo and shower *sahring* a shower, I can take it...I could always mute the audio.
Here's the link to the Italian Philes Group
Beyond The Sea
Facebook.Beyond The Sea

**This explains why am having a heavy XFilesGASM yesterday**

Gaah this relationship is killing me, never in my life I have imagined myself obsessing and squee-ing (yes I squeeed--probably will share it, let's see if you wont) about a relationship. This friendship makes lovers and married couples to shame. The Romance puts Romeo and Juliet to rest.

M&S forever

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