Wednesday, June 17, 2009

XF3 Campaign| Mytharc Rewind

Vid by the talented anelissetno1

Damn this vid doesn't give justice to my current longing.
Never realized the mythology could pump me for alien ass-kicking!
Gaaaaaah so curious how CC and Co.'s gonna wrap it all up.

die alien die...though after XF3 there will be no more X-Files. nooooooo
9seasons, 3movies, comics, trade cards, action figures and barbie dolls ain't enough.

speaking of action figures. to those who plan on selling contact me.I WANT 'EM SO BAD. not the ken and barbie...

added note: anyone could answer/edumacate me on DDEB 1 & 2 and anyone give me a glimpse of the Red Speedo Poems Page. I just to relive the XF phenomenon. *sigh*

XF3 Campaign| Priceless

here's another cute one. Had me grinning from ear to ear ;)

by XFRachgaz

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