Monday, June 1, 2009

Californication| September 27

been having a heavy XFilesGASM day hmm maybe I miss the show anyways this an entry for Hank and Caifornication. lol

Premiere Date will be on Spetember 27 again side-by-side with Dexter Season 4 (Blood and Fornication) oh, Showtime knows things lol--kidding.

Who to look out for...
  • Peter Gallagher's perfomrnace (love this guy and when it was annouced, him and David. gah dreams do come true lol)
  • Kathleen Turner (who doesn't love her?she's so kick ass!)
  • Kevin Corrigan (saw this guy on some flicks and the season is yet to premiere am already loving him)
  • Ed Westwick (saw a couple of Goissip Girl Eps...meh, like what he'a playing though)
  • Eva Amurri (saw her on saved, actually liked the movie so we'll see)

For the meantime here's the Promotional Vid from season II
concept was good but still liked the first season's vid

again great track. 'Come To California' by Matthew Sweet

To those who still thinks it's all about're missing a lot. I say you should check it out. It's just sex smesh, pay attention to the story. It's a brilliant-witty-fresh Show. Really really FRESH for TV.

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