Monday, June 22, 2009

Music| Heavy Metal *Twisted*

I posted before that was on hiatus mode in rock music, few days after I was lured by the rocks of god, all in the glory of Twisted Sister! I've always loved the 80's even if I was born on 91' still I long for the days of Hairspray-Big-Hair type of fashion. I think it's pretty cool and wild at the same time. It's really cool I would give up anything just to relive the 80's. enough of that.

I love Heavy Metal! Glam Metal or Hair Metal whatever you wanna' call it damn Heavy Metal is music, it's so upbeat, head bangin' rebellin' style and no one can do it better than Twisted mother-fucking Sister! They're re-releasing they're 'Stay Hungry' Album with new a song '30' which in my opinion, is so Twisted Sister,...guitar riffs, ...Dee Snider,Man DEE SNIDER! The lyrics educates the new generation audience what's Heavy Metal's all about and at the same time, talks about how Twisted Sister can still kick it.!

I've just heard the song and it's an instant classic for me I just got hooked listened to it like 5times now and said I just gotta' post this. *off to listen again*

Stay Hungry will be out on June 30, 2009
Check out the the new single '30' here.

Yes ROCK I will never Turn my back again! lolz


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