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Top Ten Questions Everyone SHOULD Be Asking About Michael Jackson

Top Ten Questions Everyone SHOULD Be Asking About Michael Jackson
by Brenna Chase

I'd love to post the whole thing but it's long for this blog post so go on just move your mouse then click the link. it's a must read article. I repeat A MUST READ ARTICLE.

and after you've read it well here are some of my thoughts...

oh do I agree with that message content? I say amen! that's exactly the reason why I'm a Michael Jackson fan he just lured me in like no other. I say goosebumps every time he's on stage. Here's a playlist with all the songs the author posted and I added my own Michael Jackson sexiness-- The Way You Make Me Feel 30th anniversary celebration without Britney, I tell you the intro is the sexiest thing I've ever scene that vocals alone is pure sex!

MySpace Playlist at

now that's a sad fact. just go on and read the post.

okay I have no issue regarding that I've seen fathers who toss their kids up in the air since the incident happened it was no biggie for me, yes I can say that the it should be talked about but not like make it a big BIG deal out of it. like I said I've seen things a lot more dangerous from what he did.

this topic regrading his health has gone way out of board. The media shoud shut up!Now everybody becomes a doctor now with their own diagnosis when it comes to Michael. Let the facts speak for itself! shees go and google VITILIGO and LUPUS read about the effects of the disease! Ignorant scumbags!

Regarding Joe Jackson. I have no comment I don't know the man and him on interviews, Michael on his dad just gives me one side of the story and mini clips in which I cannot comment on the man for who he really is. Pass on this one.

Now, I totally understand why Mike hid his kids from the public...because anything that has MJ or anything related to MJ by blood or just plainly anything that has to deal with Michael Jackson equals to paparazzis and the media so I don't blame the man for doing this. Here's the thing now that the public knows their faces the already got pics all over them on the net. sad!

to those who still question this act from Michael! F*ck you! you don't have paps or people all over you when you shop or just by merely walking the street so SHUT THE F*CK UP!

Oh this is nice! another HIStory from the man breaking reacords after records after some interesting facts too.

"The fact is that Michael Jackson album sales are not only breaking all kinds of records, but he has posthumously breathed life into the long-time suffering music industry. Interestingly enough, when Thriller was first released in 1982, it single-handedly resurrected Epic Records, and the music industry as a whole, as they had been in a major slump for the past three years. History is repeating itself, and Thriller continues to maintain its title as the Best Selling Album of All Time in the Guinness Book of World Records as people are once again going out in droves (to real, physical stores, too!) to buy Michael Jackson albums.

this was an interesting thing for me 'only in the US'. personal note and I don't want to elaborate on my statement.

I may disagree on this remark, I want and Idol that is so human with full of mistakes and other sh!t like that and still be the best he can be--this is subjective--I believe that there's pure evil in us but also good in nature that if we choose the good side we can better ourselves...okay I maybe looking at this a lil' too much..but that's how I see it.

Show me flaws, I won't judge you're human, we all have flaws.

Michael Jackson is timeless.
so True! *bow*

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