Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! :)

August 29, 1958 - A King is born.
calling aug.29 - KFC saturday coz' Mike loves 'em some Kentucky Fried chicken lol

I've been celebrating Mike's b-day when I became a fan so this time around it's no different.

I'm feeling the LOVE. really. this has been an uplifting day for me. well, had some steam to blow early dawn but u know u can't be pissed forever so I let it go.

Google had an awesome tribute. really appreciated.

also the coolest thing is when you point your cursor and let it stay for a while it says "Birthday of Michael Jackson" this so kewl. Big Ups for Google.
**click pic for larger image**

off to some touching message from the King of Pop.
"I realized that I've got family all over the world" ~ Michael Jackson

Touching Tribute

to MJ fans, I love you all. it's really fun to have this kind of bond that I can't even explain. everything was and still is Magic.

Ich liebe Dich Mehr, Michael


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