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Black or White: Wasn't nothin strange 'bout Michael Jackson

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Black or White: Wasn't nothin strange 'bout Michael Jackson

by @whatrickythinks

As soon as Michael Jackson had the bad luck to have his first tribute handled by the nincompoops at BET, I knew that this issue would start falling along racial fault lines. As soon as Jamie Foxx said "he's ours..a black man" and Al Sharpton smelled the spotlight I knew this would get OJ-ey real quick. I'm okay with that. I know that in my lifetime whites and blacks won't get along. Fuck it. I'm comfortable enough with my white friends to have semi-intelligent conversations about race.

So as I saw Bill O'Reilly trending on Twitter I looked and saw black folks really railing against Bill O's comments on MJ. An uncomfortable amount of the talk was really ignorant and uninformed. I wanted to "snatch the microphone" from them like McCain did when that stupid old lady said Barack was an Arab. Remember how McCain winced and shook his head like "No, no, no you stupid old hillbilly, stop, please, you're embarassing my campaign with this idiocy?" In his mind there were viable arguments against Barack Obama that didn't involve her rural stupidity. In my mind there are viable arguments against the Michael Jackson haters that don't involve ghetto stupidity. So I'd like to proceed with those. Now, I don't think the opposition to Michael Jackson as I've heard it could be called racist, even though it's coming almost uniformly from whites. I just think it's stupid and hypocritical.

Michael Jackson appeals to black people just like Frank Sinatra appeals to Italians or Manny Pacquiao appeals to Filipinos. Having a hero based on ethnicity is nothing new. People say Michael bleached his skin white, and had three white kids. He also had the blackest of upbringings. Look up Gary, Indiana and tell me Michael Jackson's not a black icon. I'm not a shrink and I can't analyze why Michael did what he did. Maybe he despised being black. He wouldn't be the first person. Who gives a fuck? Obviously not us black folk.

I've heard people say Michael Jackson was "strange" because, among other things, he "hated the skin in which he lived" and had so much plastic surgery. A celebrity had plastic surgery? That's as shocking as a sunrise. Michael Jackson was vain and was insecure about the way he looked. Yea, I don't know anyone like that.

If you aren't vain and insecure then I would ask women to please go to a social event without makeup. Don't cover up those bags under your eyes or those blemishes. I'd ask gentlemen to not try to comb over their bald spot. Or try to tease their hair in such a way that it hides their thinning locks. What hair you have left, please don't try to hide the greys with color. Girdles and wonderbras have to go as well. Those unnatural fat burners surely must be eliminated.

Michael Jackson was weird because he slept in a hyperbaric chamber? If that's weird what do you call laying in a tanning bed?

Is it weird to drastically increase the chances of getting cancer just so you can get a little darker? I guess about as weird as someone bleaching their skin.

On the "He's a pedophile" issue, my opinion is this: 60% of me thinks Michael Jackson did something beyond sleeping in the same bed as children. That's my opinion, however. Personally, I wouldn't let my young child sleep in the same bed as a 40 year old man and I wouldn't let my kids stay with Michael Jackson. But sleeping in the same bed as kids is not a criminal act. He was found not guilty of child molestation. And lest anyone think that his trial was hijacked by "dumb niggers" like the O.J. Trial, the racial makeup of the trial was as follows: 7 Whites, 4 Hispanics, and 1 Asian. No Blacks. I imagine they had a much more informed opinion about the allegations than you did, right? Not guilty.

It's not like anyone hasn't made up being sexually assaulted and everyone just assumed the accused was guilty. Duke Lacrosse Team, anyone?

I can tell you who definitely was a pedophile: Elvis Aaron Presley. When he started messing with Priscilla Presley she was 14 and he was 24. No one disputes this. Priscilla said that they didn't have actual intercourse until they were married, but they did other things that were sexual. So assuming that's true, Elvis was 69ing with a 14 year old girl. That's absolutely a criminal act, even in Kentucky. So if you're not into supporting child molesters, you need to burn those Elvis records. I didn't hear anyone telling the Honky Tonk Man to stop impersonating a pedophile.

Drugs? Really? We're upset that an entertainer abused drugs? The Beatles did every drug known to man and probably made the best music known to man because of it. The "greatest songwriter that ever lived" Bob Dylan, introduced marijuana to them. Elvis? Please. Marilyn Monroe is without question the biggest icon of American beauty and she was a drug-addled homewrecker. I'm not asking you to take down their posters or pictures from your office. Don't ask me why I'm interested in MJ.

In addition, let me ask you some questions. Are you addicted to porn? Jack off much? Do you have a vibrator or dildo or maybe a vibrating dildo? That's basically what drug addiction is: searching for that "by yourself buzz" It's often a victimless crime. However, how about drinking? When was the last time you've driven drunk? I go to bars all the time and I damn sure don't see every person getting into cabs or having designated drivers. What's worse: a drunk driver or a person who is addicted to painkillers?

Michael Jackson's death was a monumental event. Easily the biggest event of the Internet era. There is no better indicator of what's inside a person's mind than what they search for on the Internet when no one's around. Yahoo said MJ's death was the most searched item in history. The non-stop coverage was commensurate to the level of interest. And if you believe in some hokey "code of journalism" wake up and smell the capitalism, please.

If you really cared about what was going on in the world, you know where to find it. Every single link on wasn't devoted to Michael Jackson. In newspapers every article wasn't devoted to him. In no way did his death stop "more important" news from being reported, except on the aptly named "idiot box." Do you only want to see news on the "idiot box?" If you're illiterate, I understand. But if you are, you need to stop wasting time complaining about Michael Jackson coverage and learn to fuckin read.

Apparently you didn't realize this already, so let me tell you again. Arguably the most famous person who EVER LIVED died; someone who sold 750 million records. Perspective: That's like if everyone in America had 2.5 Michael Jackson records. Basically Michael Jackson sold more records than there are hands in America. Can you imagine how much money Michael Jackson's talent generated and will continue to generate? 1 billion people watched the memorial. How many people in the history of mankind have ever had 1 billion people watch anything they did? You cannot diminish Michael Jackson. If you try you might as well call Mt. Everest a hill.

So everything about the Michael Jackson death that you loathe, likely makes up a large part of who you are. To paraphrase the great Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre "When you dis Mike you dis yourself...Hell, yeah"


Anonymous said...

what do You know what he would have wanted? he is a Human like the rest of us. he is not perfect Just like me. we all have 2 eyes,we look down at ourselves and our faults. You don't need to keep making blogs after blogs bragging and complaining about his skin Condition,That was between him and his Family. You guys' think he's lying? really? I think so because Everytime I am on searches I hear the same old question over and over again. This is Rediculous,I also type things in to see if people gotten over the fact. leave him alone,if he didn't like who he was,Then let him be. let him rest,He's been through too much.

amrice said...

to the anon:

I'm sorry if this offended you but all I did was basically repost what the original poster wrote and let the article speak for itself, and this is directed for haters out there not for fans out there.

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