Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going a Little explicit lol

alright now let's talk about Mike as a naughty-sexy boi! lol hahah the media had their fair share of portraying Mike as the weird creepy guy it worked but too bad that didn't work on me and to a bunch of other MJ fan girls too and a few men?? lol ahah and him looked up as a Pimp. ;)

I'm going to post an excerpt from the song "Play" by David Banner and "I Like To Fuck" by Hot Rod in which both songs are explicit in content hence the blunt title from Hot Rod lol just flashing a WARNING to those who'll be offended coz' thats the last thing I want to happen--you've been warned. ("Play" has a kick-ass beat if you're one for the beats and not to much on the lyrics I say go check it out)

I Like To Fuck line sang by Tila
"I like to fuck, sexy boys; sexy girls. I like to fuck
leather pants; jerry curls! I like to fuck; suck
cock until I hurl! I like to fuck everybody in
the world--Michael Jackson! [hehe]!"

are those line pointing out to our beloved Mike?
leather pants & jheri curls?? lol hahah forgive my wandering mind just caught that line

"I'mma beat it like Mike when he fucked Billie Jean"

the man's being treated as a Pimp! lol hahah

it's nice seeing him still being treated like that, it's them others artists ways of giving an F to the media. it's like yeah yeah whatever he's still the Man. haha as a fan I've been bombarded with garbage but just let the man hit the stage he's sex on legs. that's . right there period.

there are tons of vid in youtube and this is by far my fave. *waggles eyes*


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