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Various News on the "Worldwide Sell-outs of Michael Jackson's This Is It"

This is no surprise when it comes to Michael Jackson lol but this is AMAZING. who can sell this much?? and still create much hype over a rehearsal footage? and it's months before the actual release!! well that's Michael f*cking Jackson to you! Everything's still MJ Magic baby ;)

  • with that I've compiled various news reports regarding this unprecedented event!
  • I'll "quote & bold" lines from each article, just click on the title to read the whole article.

Here's the first report of the sell-out.

'Michael Jackson's This Is It' Preview Tickets Sell Out Within Two Hours

source: MTV || by James Dinh

"all 3,000 tickets for Los Angeles advance screenings of the music documentary sold out within two hours early Sunday"

then the following reports...

'Michael Jackson's This Is It' Ticket Sales Break International Records
source: Vh1

"Documentary has sold out hundreds of screenings across U.S., a month before its release. "

" "Michael Jackson's This Is It," has broken advance ticket sales records for a movie."

Michael Jackson Still Selling Tickets

source: IGN.com

"Record-breaking sales for This Is It leading up to limited engagement."

"Domestically, an unprecedented number of shows for the two-week engagement have sold out in the first 24 hours of ticket availability in locations from coast-to-coast, including such cities as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Nashville and New York, among others. Internationally, exhibitors from London and Sydney to Bangkok and Tokyo have experienced the same epic demand. "

In London, Vue Entertainment's Film Buying Director Stuart Boreman said Michael Jackson's This Is It sold more than 30,000 tickets in its first 24-hours, setting the biggest ever one-day sales record in the UK, eclipsing advance buying for films including Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. "I've never seen anything like it in the 25 years I have been film buying," Boreman said. "It's a true phenomenon and sales show no sign of slowing down."
(side comment: I agree! it's a f*cking phenomenon, why wasn't I born in the 80s??hate this lol)

"...In Japan, more than $1 million in ticket sales were recorded within the first 24 hours of their release, setting an advanced-sales record unmatched by any movie in history.

Staggering advance sales were reported in Australia, where tickets for Michael Jackson's This Is It purchased through Village Cinemas exceeded the lifetime pre-sales of such blockbusters as Transformers and X-Men Origins. "

** I suggest you read IGN's article**

'This Is It' sales strong worldwide
By Carl DiOrio

"With reports still coming in from nations around the world, it is believed no movie in history has generated so many ticket sales so far in advance of its release," Sony said.

Michael Jackson's This Is It movie poised for huge ticket sales
source: metrolyrics.com

Michael Jackson's This Is It was the hottest movie of the weekend - and it isn't even out yet."

Tickets For Michael Jackson's This Is It Already Sold Out

source: cinemablend.com || By Josh Tyler

I have issue regarding this post. it's true we're celebrity obsessed but I don't like how he used the context in his post. because watching this film ain't a sign of 'obsession' coz' for one I want to see a genius at work. I'm intrigued to see 'what could have been', For one & I'm absolutely certain of this, when Michael Jackson says he's gonna put on the greatest performance of all performance that will be sealed and done! sadly it's not happening however Michael Jackson already fulfilled & delivered his "I'm gonna blow their mind"--The Trailer! a mere tariler! already blew my mind got my jaw dropped to the floor! I've been saying this, I'm gonna say this again "THIS IS IT" WAS BOUND TO BLOW EVERYONE'S FUCKING MIND OFF!!

btw, I'm going to disagree on #3 spot! but won't say much we still got a month to find out.

**anyways he stated some neat stats percentage**
over 160 showings sold out

Unprecedented Number of Sell-Outs Reported Worldwide for First Showings of 'Michael Jackson's This Is It' Highly Anticipated Motion Picture Generates
source: Yahoo Finance

"With reports still coming in from nations around the world, it is believed no movie in history has generated so many ticket sales so far in advance of its release."

Michael Jackson 'This is It' Pre-Sales Skyrocket

source: ETonline.com || Entertainment Tonight


Reported Sell-Outs in: Los Angeles, Houston, Nashville, New York, London, Sydney, Bangkok and TokyoFrance, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Belgium and New Zealand

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