Friday, September 25, 2009

nostalgia time| 4th year High School randomness

Finally saw the picture I've been looking for this for ages, I remember exactly how I found this pic, I was working on either a math or economics project, all I know is it has something to do with making a collage. so I was browsing in (I'd love to credit the one who made this but I have no recollection whatsoever, I apologize)

out of boredom I printed this out and taped it on my religion book, last year when I went home I saw this and I just laughed out loud, I remember posting this on our classroom cabinet. I got my friends pissed and felling disturbed over this picture. hahah I'm I the only one who finds this not disturbing at all and actually quite amusing a the same time? I mean really?

Oh, the printed out version, I lost the soft copy only have the hard copy, ....It says "please help me find my long lost sister" something like that, I planned on printing this on a T-shirt but something went wrong with the printing shop so up to this date I'm unsuccessful although I'm still keen on having this printed. I'd love to wear this shirt.

I'll be posting the hard copy...probably that'll be on November when I go home.

*sigh* memories.

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