Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Other Blog.

okay, my tumblr account has been somewhat dormant lol since it's easier to post images & videos there I will make use of my tumblr account for my edited pics, projects, videos my work and other artsy stuff.

Initially marsville is fire & ice; red & blue.
mars is a red planet that's why I used red & blue is my fave color that's why I use blue.
why fire & ice because I'm so contrast. plain & simple

so this would be my 'fire' blog whole lot of nostalgia, randomness, ramblings & rant would be posted here.
my tumblr account would be 'ice' randomness, creativity & projects - art stuff

why black background on this blog?? because I love black. lol :P

have a look see on my other blog
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