Friday, October 2, 2009

Michael Jackson Bigger Than New Moon, Miley? Yup

Michael Jackson Bigger Than New Moon, Miley? Yup || OP: here. || by Joal Ryan

Edward Cullen has met his match: Michael Jackson.

Since going on sale Sunday, tickets for Jackson's This Is It have been selling hotter than, well, Robert Pattinson's vampire.

Fandango said the concert movie was its new top-seller, ousting The Twilight Saga: New Moon. said it had already recorded more than 550 sellouts. And to put a global point on it, Sony Pictures bragged about big business from Britain to Japan.

This Is It opens Oct. 28, if you don't count sneaks on Oct. 27. Sony says the movie, culled from rehearsals for the late Jackson's not-to-be London shows, will play only two weeks.

And if the limited-engagement line sounds familiar, then perhaps you've rushed to buy tickets to a concert movie before…

Last year, Disney billed Miley Cyrus' Best of Both Worlds show as a one-week-only event. Then the film scored a $31 million opening weekend, and one week turned into 15. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus became the top-grossing concert movie of all time.

So far.

While it's still early, This Is It is on track to top Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. During its first three days of sales, Fandango said, Jackson's film outpaced Cyrus' first three days by a wide three-to-one margin.

The stat's a good reminder that even a pop phenom like Cyrus, or Pattinson, isn't the pop phenom.

my comment:
Michael Jackson is unparalleled & unmatched but fine I'll debate, clearly your stating that Miley & Twilight saga is a phenomenon, it is and I won't deny it(just not part of either of those), so let's put Mike and these in the same category...& yes I agree with the last statement.

"The stat's a good reminder that even a pop phenom like Cyrus, or Pattinson, isn't the pop phenom."

well like I said before HATERs talk all you want, more like DENY all you want!! Man who can do this?? a rehearsal footage can generate more ticket sales,it already generated 550 sell-outs in less than a week of pre-sale, man that is just --- heck I don't even know what the hell it is! f*cking phenomenon!!

now don't throw the "celebrity obsessed" sh!t at me coz' Fuck who wouldn't want to see a f*ucking legend on stage one last time!! don't throw sh!t unless you have a good one, if ever you do, make sure you don't waste my time I hate haters wasting my time!! I don't need sh!t, don't feed me that coz' my body releases sh!t! c'mon who would want sh!t, anyways?? let's be reasonable, alright?

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