Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the Law & the FBI has sealed the deal but the Media continues BS

yep its final Media is full of sh!t, yep not wasting my time on those BS and ignorant mofos out there the Truth was and IS out and still ignorance plays the major role. -_- I'm done.

for those who wants to read and educate themselves I'm thankful of your effort there's hoe for humanity.

by Charles Thomson
"On a more general level, the files reveal that it was not only the Los Angeles Police force which pursued Jackson for more than a decade and failed to produce one itoa of information to connect the star to any crime - it was the FBI too. That Jackson's life was dissected and his bevahiour was investigated for more than 10 years by two major law enforcement agencies and not one piece of evidence was ever produced to indicate his guilt speaks volumes."
dang are this still hatas out there?? SMDFH

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