Wednesday, November 25, 2009

uplifting my haitus & venting out

I did say I'm going haitus but truth is I'm not really on complete haitus I'm pretty active on my TUMBLRBLOG and most certainly on my twitter account lol. the reason why I blog because I want to vent--just let it all out. Twitter is handling that tumblr has really been for my randomness coz' its easier to post there. so here in my blogger account I'll use this for updates and such articles news whatever will be posted here. in that case I won't be posting as much compared to previous months.

btw, I did say I'll come back with my TII review seriously up to this date I'm still blank since that tragic day and I'm still high from TII so I don't think I can have a pretty good unbiased objective review regarding TII so I think I'll leave it just that--since don't wanna delve so much today, coz' I'm trying to block zombie mode...don't even want to watch the date right now.

Check out the 'THE TRUTH' please do read Charles Thomson's post it corroborates what Aphrodite Jones is saying about 'media biases' -- 'conspiracy' against Michael.

I'm sick of bullshit, I've gone through all the crap the media is dishing out the TRUTH needs to get OUT THERE !!

It's getting really PATHETIC FRUSTRATING and UPSETTING one more mother fucker out there I swear IF YOU DON'T/WON'T GET AN EDUCATION...FOOL keep your opinions to yourself !! I'll teach you FACTS and I'mma let you eat it!! shove it down your throat !!

I'mma make this clear I'm not pissed coz' you hate on Michael I'm pissed coz' FOOL YOU DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FACT & OPINION and its sad !! most of you are even PROFESSIONALS !! where's your education?? ETHICS?????? it's sickening and SAD!!



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